The ‘Credibility Issues’ Of Jonathan Gruber and David Sanders

“Private Option” Medicaid expansion architects have been busy obfuscating news that broke last week about Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. Gruber was caught telling the truth about various matters in a politically harmful way (also known as a Kinsley Gaffe) — for instance, he famously explained that it was “mathematically impossible” for the “private option” to be budget-neutral.

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Breaking: Beebe Admin 'Increasingly Concerned' That Obamacare Critics Don't Like Obamacare Expansion

A new report reveals troubling facts about how Gov. Beebe’s staff is spending its time.

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New Hospital Report: “Politics, Posturing, Or What?”

Last week, a few CEOs from Arkansas hospitals testified before a state legislative subcommittee about the Obamacare “private” option. They

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