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2014 Republican PrimariesMedicaidPrivate Option

Flippo Victory: A Political Earthquake For Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

Scott Flippo’s victory over State Rep. John Burris last night has sent political waves throughout the political establishment in Arkansas.

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2014 Republican PrimariesArkansas LegislatureArkansas PoliticsArkansas Republicans

Flippo Defeats Burris In Senate Runoff, Rutledge Advances To General Election

We’ll have more tomorrow on the results of tonight’s state Republican runoff elections, but I wanted to pass along these vote totals before calling it a night.

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2014 Republican Primaries2nd AmendmentArkansas PoliticsArkansas Republicans

Primary Runoff Day Is Here

Results for the primary runoffs — such as the GOP nomination for State Senate District 17 (State Rep. John Burris vs. Scott Flippo) and Attorney General (Leslie Rutledge vs. David Sterling) — will be announced tonight.

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New Hospital Report: “Politics, Posturing, Or What?”

Last week, a few CEOs from Arkansas hospitals testified before a state legislative subcommittee about the Obamacare “private” option. They

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Arkansas PoliticsArkansas RepublicansMedicaidPrivate Option

The Future Of The Obamacare “Private” Option: DOA In The Senate?

After Tuesday night’s election results, the future of the Obamacare “private” option appears even shakier. That’s because the anti-PO caucus

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Arkansas LegislatureArkansas PoliticsArkansas RepublicansPrivate Option

The Emerging Battle Between Taxpayer Advocates & "Private" Option Boosters

Yesterday at the Capitol, several lawmakers hosted a press conference to raise awareness about the cost overruns in the Obamacare

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