Bowen Faculty LEAPs To Conclusions On New Program

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You’ll probably remember that we’ve been covering the Bowen Law School affirmative-action controversy; the controversy surrounds Bowen’s LEAP program, which the faculty approved earlier this week. To summarize, LEAP gives unsuccessful law school applicants another chance; before the faculty voted to approve LEAP, it amended the program guidelines to focus on the admission of students who are “historically underrepresented in law schools or [who] come from socially or economically disadvantaged … [Read more...]

Who’s Paying For Those Pro-Robinson Renovation Brochures?


A few weeks back, I explored whether or not Little Rock employees are violating Act 312 by distributing materials that recommend the renovation of the Robinson Center (which is to be determined by a bond election in Little Rock next week; early voting is underway now). Under the newly implemented law, it’s illegal “to use any office or room furnished at public expense to distribute any letters, circulars, or other campaign materials unless such office or room is regularly used by members of the … [Read more...]

Are Little Rock City Employees Violating Act 312?


There were a handful of “good government” reforms that were passed in this year’s legislative session. One of those bills was Act 312, sponsored by Rep. Nate Bell (R-Mena). The goal of Act 312 is simple -- to prohibit government employees from using taxpayer-funded resources to influence the outcome of ballot measure elections. Violating this act amounts to a Class A misdemeanor; furthermore, whoever violates it will both lose his or her job and be barred from future Arkansas public … [Read more...]

NTU Presentation Draws Large Crowd In Downtown Little Rock

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The National Taxpayers’ Union hosted a luncheon in Little Rock yesterday, in conjunction with the Advance Arkansas Institute. A large crowd -- including two state senators, two state representatives, and two Quorum Court members -- convened to hear from NTU’s Lee Schalk and AAI’s Dan Greenberg on the federal sequester and federal budget policy. In his remarks, Schalk emphasized that the sequester on the federal budget is working. In fact, federal spending is down from $3.6 trillion in 2011 to … [Read more...]

The ‘Law Of The Land,’ Bubba’s Back, & Sullivan For Senate? (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast: Dan & I discuss GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan's interview with The Paul Harrell Program. What does Sullivan think of the 'private option?' Will he vote to defund it? Also, President Bill Clinton was in Little Rock pitching Obamacare this week. Hear some snippets from the speech as well as our analysis. Finally, House Democrats have a new ethics plan. What is it? We have no idea. Here's a roundup of links from this week's show: Dan Sullivan talks with Paul … [Read more...]

The Greatest Untold Story of the 89th General Assembly

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You haven’t read about this story in the mainstream media. It wasn’t reported during the legislative session, and perhaps it would never have been reported if it weren’t for The Arkansas Project and the folks at Arkansas Carry. But what you are about to read is the story of what may be the most significant (pro-liberty) accomplishment of the 89th General Assembly.  In late February, the legislature considered HB1408, a bill that would have legalized carrying a firearm openly in Arkansas. The … [Read more...]

Obama Admin Admits Medicaid Expansion Won’t Protect Hospitals


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you two news items that could change the shape of the Medicaid expansion debate happening at this very moment in Little Rock. First, you must read this article by Michael Cannon of Cato Institute that reveals: 1. The PPACA is not likely to reduce uncompensated care in 2014. 2. The PPACA won’t reduce the deficit. 3. Hospitals can stop crying poverty. 4. States don’t need to expand Medicaid to protect hospitals. How do we know all of this? Well, … [Read more...]

Election Coverage, Brought To You By The Arkansas Project!


Well, tomorrow night’s the big night that we’ve all been waiting for -- Decision 2012. Many political commentators have called it (as they do every four years) “the biggest election of our lifetimes.” In Arkansas, there are five ballot issues to be decided, including medical marijuana and a half-cent sales tax increase. The state legislature is also poised for a change of party leadership for the first time since Reconstruction. So, where can you find the best, most extensive, most obnoxious … [Read more...]