REPORT: Arkansas 38th In Nation For Business Tax Climate

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Arkansas will be 38th in the nation in 2016 for its business tax climate, according to the Tax Foundation. Arkansas’s ranking was worse than every surrounding state. By comparison, Texas was ranked the 10th best state in which to do business, in part because the Lone Star state does not have either a corporate or individual income tax. From the Tax Foundation: The … [Read more...]

POLL: 64 Percent of Arkansans Oppose Gas Tax Increase

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You’ve probably heard that some Arkansas legislators -- and some special interest groups -- have been mulling over raising the gas tax. How does that idea sound to everyday Arkansans? Well, to put it gently, most think it’s a terrible idea. From Talk Business: Half of Arkansans believe the condition of the state’s roads is “a major problem that deserves attention,” but … [Read more...]

Arkansas Shouldn’t Raise State Gas Taxes


Mark Twain once said that “no man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” In Arkansas, that’s even true when the legislature isn’t in session. The Governor’s Highway Funding “Working Group” is mulling over a state gasoline tax increase. From Arkansas Online: Randy Zook, president and chief executive officer of the Arkansas State Chamber of … [Read more...]

New AAI Paper: Supreme Court Decision Could Add Thousands of Jobs, Millions of Dollars to Arkansas Economy

King v. Burwell

By the end of this month, our nation’s highest court will announce its opinion in King v. Burwell. This decision has huge implications for the future of Obamacare. The Supreme Court might find that the Obama Administration acted illegally in offering health insurance subsidies through its federal exchanges. One consequence of such a decision is that, if Arkansas reacts to it by … [Read more...]

Taxpayer-Subsidized Ad: Tax Hikes Are Good For You!

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As our readers know, there are a few special elections tomorrow that may trigger tax hikes. Although Arkansas Project employees are generally against tax hikes, it’s good to know that every local entity proposing a tax increase is doing that through private means only -- and not using taxpayer dollars to promote higher taxes, right?! Right?! Unfortunately, the Hot Springs … [Read more...]