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McLean Desperately Attempting To Save O’Care In AR

As loyal readers of this humble blog know, state Rep. James McLean, inaugural member of the Davy Carter wing of the Democratic Party, has been having more attendance troubles at the legislature in 2014 than I had with my 8 a.m. Women’s History class my senior year of college.

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Pryor Brags About Job-Killing “Toy Safety” Bill (Plus: More McLean Monitoring)

Of course, readers of The Arkansas Project already knew that Pryor’s “toy safety” legislation was just another example of big-government regulation in search of an imaginary problem.

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Arkansas DemocratsArkansas LegislatureArkansas PoliticsArkansas RepublicansObamacarePrivate Option

House Speaker More Loyal to Obamacare than Political Party

In the course of tweeting the finer points of the Miss America pageant Sunday night, Speaker of the House (and alleged Republican) Davy Carter apparently thought it would be a good time to endorse James McLean, a Democrat, in his race against Republican candidate, Linda Collins-Smith.

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The Future Of The Obamacare “Private” Option: DOA In The Senate?

After Tuesday night’s election results, the future of the Obamacare “private” option appears even shakier. That’s because the anti-PO caucus

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