Checking In On The Cotton-Pryor Race


I haven’t written anything about the U.S. Senate race between Rep. Tom Cotton and Senator Mark Pryor in a while (there have been a few other things going on). But I know everyone has been anxiously waiting to hear my opinions, so here are some casual observations about the state of the race on this Friday the 13th. 1. Rep. Tom Cotton just released a new television ad that may make my Top Ten All-Time Political Ad list. It’s not just that the ad is truthful, entertaining, and witty (three … [Read more...]

Flippo Victory: A Political Earthquake For Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

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Scott Flippo’s victory over State Rep. John Burris last night has sent political waves throughout the political establishment in Arkansas, and may even make ripples across the country. Flippo, a first-time political candidate, defeated Burris, a sitting legislator, by 201 votes. The candidates were vying for a seat vacated by outgoing Senator Johnny Key. With no Democratic candidate on the ballot, Flippo will be unopposed in the November election and will be the next senator from District … [Read more...]

What The Arkansas Project Was (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: The AG race is heating up! Sunscreen is a toxic substance, according to this school district What the Arkansas Project was and is (We apologize for the intermittent sound problems in this week's show that resulted from the storm.) … [Read more...]

Primary Takeaways (Podcast)

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This week on the show: Breaking down this week's primary results Flashback: Sen. Holland made PO central component of his campaign What's ahead for the PO in 2015? Pro-PO legislators say they oppose the PO … [Read more...]

The Future Of The Obamacare “Private” Option: DOA In The Senate?


After Tuesday night’s election results, the future of the Obamacare “private” option appears even shakier. That's because the anti-PO caucus was successful at moving one of their leaders from the House to the Senate; this could roadblock the PO in the 2015 session. As I reported yesterday, Rep. Terry Rice was successful in his bid to unseat incumbent Senator Bruce Holland in District 9. Rice has been a strong, consistent opponent of the “private” option since its inception. Holland, on the … [Read more...]

A Straight Answer On The ‘Private’ Option & The Scoop On Voter ID (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: House candidate Della Rosa gives a "straight answer" on the PO Obamacare = a huge success, according to facts! 5 things we learned about the Obamacare PO last week The scoop on voter ID developments … [Read more...]

The Q.T. On Voter ID


Some of the specifics of the Arkansas voter ID cases are a little difficult to follow, so I thought I’d lay out some of the basics for our readers. 1. A central question in voter ID litigation is: is the statute constitutional? A related question is: will the courts find the statute constitutional? (Some people would say that, since the courts get to say what is constitutional, these two questions are really the same.) Last week, Judge Tim Fox found that Arkansas’s voter ID law was … [Read more...]

Barry Haas: ACLU Plaintiff Gone Wild! (Video)


I was startled to read this recent interview with Barry Haas. Haas is one of the four plaintiffs in the ACLU’s lawsuit against Act 595 of 2013, which requires Arkansas voters to show ID at the polls. I appreciate that the integrity of the ballot is an emotional issue – and that it sometimes causes people to make intemperate statements – but with respect to the accuracy of Haas’s statements, he could have aimed higher. Haas explained during his interview that voter impersonation was … [Read more...]