Arkansas Governor’s Race: Who Loves Teachers The Most?

Asa: Holder OK with me for AG

You were probably too busy enjoying Arkansas’s one day of spring over the weekend to notice, but former Congressman Mike Ross “won” the endorsement of the Arkansas Education Association in his bid for governor. This endorsement led to a kerfuffle between Ross and Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson. Let me bring you up to speed. As news leaked of Ross’s AEA endorsement, the Hutchinson camp issued a statement saying Ross is “out of touch with Arkansas,” drawing a connection between the AEA and … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor’s Staff Is…Looking For Work?

Pryor campaign manager Randy Massanelli at campaign HQ. (Photo: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

There has been much discussion of the position of University of Arkansas lobbyist over the last few weeks. State Senator Johnny Key has been the focus of various news reports after announcing that he would not seek re-election and instead take a shot at becoming the next U of A leech government relations expert. Recently former Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr has also made some waves after he submitted his application for the gig. (Perhaps he has a future in sales as well.) However, yet another … [Read more...]

Wile E. Coyote Policy & Law School Lunacy (Podcast)

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This week on the show: John Cooper's historic northeast Arkansas win Senator Missy Irvin says "no" to the PO Jonathan Ingram's 'private' option paper Nic's trip to Bowen law school The Daily Caller's coverage of Bowen … [Read more...]

Voter ID Machines Installed In All 75 Arkansas Counties

Face YOUR Vote-FINAL box

Secretary of State Mark Martin recently announced that the implementation of the state’s photo-ID system  is complete. The Secretary of State’s office provided Voter ID systems to each of Arkansas’s 75 counties, allowing each county clerk’s office to produce photo identification cards at no charge for voters who don't have them. “This project has put counties in compliance with the requirements of Act 595 of 2013. It also provides additional integrity to our electoral system,” Martin said. Act … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor Attacks Mark Pryor In New Ad


You might've seen U.S. Senator Mark Pryor's latest campaign attack ad against his challenger, Congressman Tom Cotton, on your television. The ad is full of hysterics and scare tactics; the kind we've come accustomed to from national Democrats. But more interesting than the ad itself is what Pryor's campaign said about it after it was released. From the Times Record: Pryor’s campaign said that the advertisement that began airing Wednesday was directed not at the retirement age but at the … [Read more...]

RedState Revisionism & Roofgate (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast: Obama is changing Obamacare -- because he cares! RedState endorses Tommy Moll Cooper, Rockwell advance in Jonesboro Senate runoffs ROOFGATE! … [Read more...]

ROOFGATE: What Really Happened And Should You Really Care?

Dennis, clean thyself!

By now, you’ve probably heard about this scandalous video of some Arkansas legislators entering the Capitol in the wee hours of the morning. From what’s seen in the video -- and what’s been uncovered in email chains -- we don’t know much about what happened. However, that hasn’t stopped one candidate for statewide office, Dennis Milligan, from making much ado about nothing. Milligan, who currently serves as the Saline County clerk, is running for state treasurer. His only declared Republican … [Read more...]

Are Little Rock City Employees Violating Act 312?


There were a handful of “good government” reforms that were passed in this year’s legislative session. One of those bills was Act 312, sponsored by Rep. Nate Bell (R-Mena). The goal of Act 312 is simple -- to prohibit government employees from using taxpayer-funded resources to influence the outcome of ballot measure elections. Violating this act amounts to a Class A misdemeanor; furthermore, whoever violates it will both lose his or her job and be barred from future Arkansas public … [Read more...]