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New Poll: It’s Over for Arkansas Obamacare

The only way the approval numbers could get lower is if pollsters removed members of the legislature and their mothers from their polling sample.

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The Greatest Political Contest in 2014: Who Can Be Most Offended?

This tweet makes us wonder if one DPA staffer is really interested in defending people of faith.

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Regulatory Rhetoric: Ross, Hutchinson Outline Plans for Reigning in Bureaucracy

Ross actually has one decent idea, but his other two suggestions for “government efficiency” leave much to be desired.

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Tuesday Night’s Best Performances

Last night was a big night for a lot of Republican candidates across the state. There were plenty of surprises

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WaPo Fact Checker: Dem Claims About Cotton Are “Phony As A Three-Dollar Bill”

Senate Majority PAC — a political action committee run by the former employees of  Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

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