Making Arkansas a Rich State

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What can Arkansas lawmakers do to grow the state’s economy in the years to come? That’s the question a new study, Rich States, Poor States, seeks to answer. Compiled by Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Jonathan Williams, this study identifies pro-growth tax and regulatory policies that states can implement. It also discusses what states are doing to attract new businesses and create jobs for their workers. In state rankings released in conjunction with this study, Arkansas came in at … [Read more...]

Report: Arkansas Terrible On Transparency


Arkansans who care about transparency in government received some bad news today. According to an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) study on tax cronyism released today, Arkansas is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to reporting exactly what special breaks the state’s tax code gives to favored industries. William Freeland, an ALEC research analyst who worked on the report, told The Arkansas Project in a phone interview: The biggest thing here on Arkansas is in … [Read more...]

Happy (Belated) Tax Freedom Day, Arkansas: You Now Have Permission To Keep Your Money

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Today is April 15th, the day that federal tax filings are due. (We hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you.) So this seems like the perfect time to talk about how awful taxes are in America! While today is (unfortunately) Tax Day, I want to be sure you know also know the good news about Tax Freedom Day. This is the day of the year that the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for year. A good way to think about this is that, up until Tax Freedom Day, … [Read more...]

Sorry Arkansas, Our Taxes Still Suck


I know y’all have already heard about the incredible tax cuts Arkansas passed last year -- and that, combined with the immense, nearly immeasurable economic growth that’s coming from Medicaid expansion, we will soon be surpassing Texas’s economy. Unfortunately, our friends at the Tax Foundation have deflated these hopes and dreams. According to the group’s latest report, Arkansas currently ranks #2 in overall sales tax burden. Number 2 -- as in: the second most burdensome taxes in the nation. … [Read more...]

Arkansas Has 2nd Highest Combined Sales Tax

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A new study from our friends at the Tax Foundation spell bad news for Arkansans: according to their findings, Arkansas has the second highest combined state/local sales tax rates in the country at 9.18%.  Our neighbors in Tennessee come in at number one with an average rate of 9.44%. It is worth noting, however, that Tennessee does not have a state income tax like we do in Arkansas. In fact, our income tax also ranks near the top amongst the 50 states at a top rate of 7%. And by the way: … [Read more...]

Et Tu, Republicans? No Meaningful Tax Cuts For Arkansans


For many weeks, the people of Arkansas have been led to believe that once the legislature passed Medicaid expansion, it would then produce significant tax relief. We have documented these assurances in our previous coverage -- and repeatedly emphasized that the cuts were in no way linked to Medicaid expansion as a matter of policy, but perhaps only as a matter of politics. Boy, were we right. As you probably know, the Senate signed off on funding for Medicaid expansion yesterday, signaling … [Read more...]

Stephen Speaks!


Those thinkers over at the Advance Arkansas Institute made good on their promise yesterday to bring Steve Moore to Little Rock for a speech. And might I just add: it was quite a barn burner. I’ve provided a video excerpt of Mr. Moore’s comments below. The clip begins with Moore emphatically telling the audience of approximately 100 -- which included a large number of state legislators of both parties -- about the importance of reforming the tax code in Arkansas. “If you just stand pat, … [Read more...]

Advancing Arkansas: Rep. Lea Focused on Teamwork, New Tax Holiday

Part Two of our Advancing Arkansas series is an interview with Rep. Andrea Lea (R-Russellville). Rep. Lea, who is entering her final term as a state representative having already served four years in the House, said her goals for this term/upcoming legislative session are simple: help incoming freshmen legislators “learn the ropes” and be a team player. “Teamwork is a priority for me. It is just as important to make educated votes as it is to introduce/pass bills. It takes all of us to be a … [Read more...]