Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day! – a day that always reminds me of Maya Angelou’s maxim, “Nothing will work unless you do.” A few weeks ago, the right to work took a big step forward in Arkansas. You might remember that, earlier this summer, an Arkansas businesswoman – hair braider Nivea Earl – sued the state of Arkansas over its excessive licensing requirements. The state’s response: Arkansas just folded, allowing hair braiders to do their work, free of the heavy hand of government, at least for a few … [Read more...]

Pryor Ebola Ad: “Mostly False”

arkansas news

You’ve probably seen Mark Pryor’s new ad accusing Tom Cotton of being pro-ebola. However, the response to this ad has been about as favorable as the response to this ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Even MSNBC called the ad “terrible,” saying that it looked like something from “Saturday Night Live.” Now, Politifact has weighed in, calling the ad “mostly false.” From Politifact: Did Cotton try to stop this legislation? At first, it seems that way. The House passed the legislation Jan. 22, … [Read more...]

Faux Outrage In The Heights

Heights (Faux Outrage)

Have you heard of the Southern Progress Fund? It’s a political action committee that hopes to bring the blessings of progressivism to states like Arkansas which have been turning redder than a Santa Claus outfit in recent years. Yesterday, this PAC produced an unbylined piece that provoked eyerolls throughout The Arkansas Project headquarters, given its high synthetic outrage content. The article described a squabble between two state House candidates: Republican Stacy Hurst and Democrat … [Read more...]

Crittenden Regional Hospital Not “Saved” by the Private Option

Crittenden Co Hospital

Remember how the private option was going to save rural hospitals? Remember how hospital lobbyist Bo Ryall explained to the state legislature that the private option was crucial if we want “rural hospitals to survive?” As one argument after another for the private option failed, its advocates regularly retreated to their final defense: at least the private option would keep the doors of rural hospitals open. Over in West Memphis, however, the flood of new subsidies just wasn’t big enough to … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s the Big Spender?


When it comes to supporting reductions in federal spending, Arkansas’s congressional delegation looks pretty good. Almost every member of Congress from the state backs bills that, when lumped together, would reduce taxpayers’ burden. In fact, just about every member of Congress from Arkansas supports legislation that would cut federal spending. All except one, that is. Any guesses who? If you said Senator Mark Pryor, you’re on the money. So to speak. According to data compiled by the … [Read more...]

Democrats’ Minimum Wage Credibility Problem

minimum wage

We’ve written recently about the rising teenage unemployment rate in Arkansas and how a proposed ballot initiative would exacerbate this problem. As previously reported here, a group called Give Arkansas A Raise Now is currently attempting to get an eventual minimum wage increase up to $8.50 an hour. A plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour is also under discussion. In recent months, Mark Pryor and various other Democratic politicians have signed onto the Arkansas plan — … [Read more...]

This Week’s McDaniel Scandal


A few days ago, David Koon published an excellent article in the Arkansas Times on the Gyronne Buckley scandal – which is to say, the scandalous response of Arkansas public officials to the injuries its agents inflicted on Buckley. (The state Claims Commission found that Buckley was the victim of fabricated evidence from a corrupt cop; Buckley served over a decade behind bars before the state Supreme Court determined in 2010 that he had been subject to an unfair trial, which ultimately led to … [Read more...]

Senator Pryor Ignores Me


As a father, I’m used to being ignored when I ask a question. My children seem to have selective hearing loss (the doctor assures me this is a common malady). It seems that Senator Mark Pryor may be suffering from the same thing. He ignores me, too. I used to work for a U.S. senator, so I have a pretty good handle on how to read legislation. I did a lot of research on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The previous seven blog posts on CPSIA I put up over the last two weeks … [Read more...]