Conway Christmas Tree: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Christmas Miracle August

I admit it: every now and then I wonder if I’m too cynical about what government can accomplish. I was having one of those days yesterday before I came across a story in the Log Cabin Democrat about Conway’s overpriced and underwhelming Christmas tree. You might remember that last November our former colleague, Nic Horton, put aside his Thanksgiving leftovers and called the 54-foot Christmas tree bearing a $130,000 taxpayer tab a “ridiculous waste of taxpayer money”; he also criticized the … [Read more...]

Sen. Pryor Stops Kids from Eating All-Terrain Vehicles


Can all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) be dangerous to children? Of course. When I was 12, my cousin and I were riding on my grandfather’s 4-wheel ATV. Our behavior was about as mature as that of a typical 12-year-old, which is to say that we were driving the ATV backwards at a high rate of speed. My cousin turned the ATV sharply, causing it to flip over and roll on top of us. Let’s just say that I have some idea of how unsafe an ATV can be. Our foolish actions on the ATV that day (and many other … [Read more...]

McDaniel: In the Matter of the Bowen Gym, I Plead Not Guilty


  We’ve written before about the ill-conceived waste of money that is the Bowen Law School 6th floor gym. Who decided to spend the money that Bowen received on a law school gym? According to e-mails from the Bowen bureaucracy, the workout facility is the brainchild of both the law school and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.  The "small gym," was devised, according to Bowen administrators, only after the AG stated he wanted a "building project," and this workout facility started to … [Read more...]

The Dustin McDaniel Sweat-and-Sour Experience


Earlier this month, we were pleased to hear that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel was helping to fund a new program for UALR’s Bowen Law School. (And not only because we thought a McDaniel endowment might provide fodder for commentary. If McDaniel was going to put his personal stamp on the new program – consistent with his values – imagine the possibilities of what might be funded! Perhaps the Department of Hilariously Wrong Supreme Court Predictions? Or the McDaniel Foundation for Pointless … [Read more...]

Act 312 Stops Illegal Voter ‘Education’ in Texarkana

arkansas news

We write a lot here about all the bad laws that come out of the state legislature, but today we want to focus on one of the best ones: Act 312 of 2013, sponsored by state Rep. Nate Bell. As we wrote in November, Act 312 prohibits government employees from using taxpayer-funded resources to influence the outcome of ballot measure elections. Violating this act amounts to a Class A misdemeanor; furthermore, whoever violates it will both lose his or her job and be barred from future Arkansas … [Read more...]

Mark Pryor: Saving Kids from Old Books


When you think of unsafe children’s products, you probably don’t think of books. Outside of our one-year-old smacking me in the head with one of his board books, I have a difficult time imagining a less threatening product than a children’s book. Why, then, did Senator Mark Pryor’s child safety legislation label children’s books as such a threat? To be fair to Senator Pryor, I don’t think that children’s books were the target when he shepherded the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act … [Read more...]

Senator Pryor Helps Out Big Toy


Big businesses – or at least big toy makers – don’t have a better friend in the Senate than Mark Pryor. That may seem strange. After all, didn’t the federal law he sponsored, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), place strict new regulations on toy makers? Indeed it did. But big toymakers had no problem complying with the Byzantine rules spawned by CPSIA. It’s the small toy companies, especially makers of handmade toys, who were and are hurt by this legislation. At his … [Read more...]

Uber/Lyft Working Well in Detroit. Why Not Little Rock?

uber lyft regs

We wrote a couple weeks ago about Little Rock City Director Joan Adcock’s ongoing crusade to ban (or regulate out of existence) innovative ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft that may soon be operating in Little Rock. Our friends at the Center for Local Governance at the Texas Public Policy Foundation recently released a video about one Detroit driver who used her employment by a ride-sharing service to avoid going on welfare. Take a … [Read more...]