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Fraud-Ridden Minimum Wage Issue OK’d by Supreme Court

The Arkansas Supreme Court, in its opinion yesterday, removed the final obstacle to a statewide vote on hiking the minimum wage. One startling aspect of the Court’s decision is that it appeared to tolerate — and, thus, to encourage — a significant level of petition fraud.

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UA Chatted With Clinton Foundation About Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon published another story today about conversations between Clinton Foundation officials and University of Arkansas officials that occurred the day that the UA began taking action against the Free Beacon.

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UA Library Failed Talking Points: An Autopsy

Incompetent. Ham-handed. Disappointing. No, I’m not talking about the 2013 Razorback football team, but the University of Arkansas Library staff’s continued PR blitz in response to the recent Washington Free Beacon ordeal.

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Don’t Ban Books, Just Chase Away Researchers: The Latest on the “Real Hot Mess” at the University of Arkansas

The Washington Free Beacon wasn’t the only news organization with concerns about the University of Arkansas library special collections archive policy which requires media to fill out a “permission to publish” form.

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