Sick Child Denied Treatment As State Spends Billions On Able-Bodied Adults

No Money for Sick Kids (New)

A new report released last week details how Medicaid expansion will harm the most needy Americans. Because of the perverse funding formula of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, expansion enrollees -- a population of mostly childless, mostly healthy adults -- receive more health care spending than traditional Medicaid enrollees. Author Jonathan Ingram explains: In the states that hope to get Medicaid spending under control, an ObamaCare Medicaid expansion puts truly vulnerable patients at even … [Read more...]

Which Candidate For U.S. Senate Wants To Kill The Death Tax The Most?

Death Tax (RIPOff)

Of all the taxes that government imposes, perhaps none is more offensive than the federal Estate Tax, commonly referred to as the “Death Tax.” This tax targets the money or property that the federal government thinks it is entitled to, despite the fact that the accumulated capital has already been taxed multiple times by multiple levels of government. Because grieving over lost loved ones is apparently not quite enough pain, the government comes in and seizes another chunk of your property. And, … [Read more...]

Steve Moore is Coming to Little Rock!


Those thinkers over at Advance Arkansas Institute pass along this exciting announcement about an event next week in Little Rock: WHO: Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal, brought to you by Advance Arkansas Institute! WHEN: 11:30a to 12:30p, February 7th, 2013 WHERE: Arkansas Association of Counties (1415 West 3rd Street) Admission is free of charge! We ask that you register in advance through Eventbrite. Lunch can be purchased for $5 if you register in advance. BUT WAIT, … [Read more...]

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Friedman!


Wednesday of this week marked what would have been free-market economist Milton Friedman's 100th birthday.  Friedman is often credited for saving the free enterprise system, and on Wednesday, economist Stephen Moore did just that in a tribute titled "The Man Who Saved Capitalism." Some excerpts, from The Wall Street Journal: It's a tragedy that Milton Friedman—born 100 years ago on July 31—did not live long enough to combat the big-government ideas that have formed the core of Obamanomics. … [Read more...]