Legislators, Your Grades Are Posted


It's that moment you've all been waiting for -- the full unveiling of AAI's 2013 Freedom Scorecard!  The report is the most thorough of its kind to ever be produced in the state of Arkansas, scoring over 100 bills from last year's legislative session. Here's an excerpt from the report: The Advance Arkansas Institute and Conduit for Commerce are pleased to present this study of the 2013 voting records of legislators serving in the Arkansas General Assembly. Arkansas’s 2013 Freedom … [Read more...]

Will You Stand With Us For Freedom?

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2013 was a historic year for the Advance Arkansas Institute. Not only did we work with lawmakers to reform government and bring integrity to the ballot box, we also: Provided daily news coverage and analysis here at TheArkansasProject.com, breaking multiple major news stories, doubling our web traffic from 2012, and reaching the highest traffic mark since The Arkansas Project began its affiliation with AAI Produced a new Freedom Scorecard that grades legislators on their … [Read more...]

Breaking Down The 2013 Freedom Scorecard (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast, Dan gives us a quick Obamacare update and then we launch into a full rundown of the 2013 Arkansas Freedom Scorecard. Here are some articles we discuss: White House in Obamacare panic HHS encourages insurers to fix Obamacare problems 2013 Friends of Freedom in the AR legislature … [Read more...]

Voter ID Machines Installed In All 75 Arkansas Counties

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Secretary of State Mark Martin recently announced that the implementation of the state’s photo-ID system  is complete. The Secretary of State’s office provided Voter ID systems to each of Arkansas’s 75 counties, allowing each county clerk’s office to produce photo identification cards at no charge for voters who don't have them. “This project has put counties in compliance with the requirements of Act 595 of 2013. It also provides additional integrity to our electoral system,” Martin said. Act … [Read more...]

ACU Honors Arkansas Legislators For Defending Liberty


Last week, the American Conservative Union unveiled its “2013 State Legislative Rankings Guide” for Arkansas. In their report, ACU recognized several Arkansas lawmakers for defending liberty in the legislature. As part of their calculations, ACU scored Rep. Bruce Westerman’s government spending cap bill, the bill to fund Big River Steel through bonds, the “church carry” bill, the “private option,” the voter ID bill, and a few others. Based on those votes, these legislators were named … [Read more...]

ArkTimes Cites Non-Existent Voter ID Requirement As Evidence That Republicans Hate Minorities

Max Brantley, angry as always.

Liberals have long enjoyed tossing around the straw man argument that “voter ID laws are designed to suppress minorities” and “help elect Republicans.” (Thankfully, these scare tactics didn’t stop Arkansas from passing a strong voter ID law earlier this year.) You would think that a recent Wisconsin appellate court’s ruling would have torpedoed the false narrative that these laws create new requirements for voting (in fact, the laws simply require proof that voters meet existing requirements to … [Read more...]

What’s the Most Hilariously Shocking Story of the Day?


There are just so many hilariously awful news stories out in the last few days. Like, for instance, the revelation that the Obama administration is supporting voter ID laws in Africa -- while litigating against them here in the U.S. And did you see this video that shows a shocking number of Americans don’t know why we celebrate the 4th of July or what country we broke away from (it was Mexico, right?) Even more horrifying: the Obama administration has announced that they’re going to institute … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast: Voter ID, Pryor, & Pop Tart Guns

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Behold, Episode 3 of The Arkansas Project Podcast. This week Dan and I discuss: The Wisconsin voter ID ruling Conviction of a Cincinnati poll worker for voter fraud The latest Mark Pryor news Stimulus iPhone app The severe danger of pop tart and cap guns Hope you enjoy. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. Or not. … [Read more...]