John Fund Speaks!


Don’t miss John Fund’s appearance at the state Capitol in Little Rock tomorrow evening. He’ll be answering the question “Are Voter ID Laws Fair?”, presumably in the affirmative. Fund is the author of one book on election fraud and the co-author of another -- an issue about which The Arkansas Project has often opined. John Fund is national-affairs columnist for National … [Read more...]

The State Supreme Court’s (Literally) Peculiar Decision

Voter ID (Peculiar)

Late yesterday afternoon, our state’s Supreme Court struck down the voter ID law that the Arkansas General Assembly passed last year. It is, in many respects, a very unusual decision. In Martin v. Kohls, a majority of Justices determined that Act 595 of 2013 would add an additional (and impermissible) requirement to vote: Act 595’s added requirement of providing a proof of … [Read more...]

Voter Fraud Does Not Exist, Except Maybe In Wisconsin

Voter Fraud (Blindfold)

Before you read this story, there is one thing you need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt: voter fraud does not exist. Period. Never has, never will. And like state Senator Uvalde Lindsey once said, voter ID laws are simply “solutions chasing a problem that doesn’t exist.” With that in mind, I direct your attention to this recent news story out of Wisconsin: A Shorewood … [Read more...]

Stuff Happening Around Arkansas


1. Arkansas’s Medicaid experiment continues to make national headlines, for all the wrong reasons. The Arkansas-Obamacare “private” option has now drawn the scorn of the Washington Times editorial board. Writing last week, the WashTimes pointed out that, as costs continue to climb, the program is shifting more costs to federal taxpayers -- calling Arkansas’s plan to grab more … [Read more...]