Arkansas Policy Leaders Debunk Medicaid Myths

Medicaid Myth Busted (Dark)

Over the weekend, two op-eds from Arkansas policy leaders appeared in one of Utah’s largest newspapers. The topic: Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. The first piece was drafted by Rep. Joe Farrer and Senator Bryan King, two leading opponents of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in the Arkansas legislature. The piece was penned in response to the false statements made by Senator David Sanders, Arkansas-Obamacare spokesman, in his Utah op-ed late last month. (In that column, Sanders said that, … [Read more...]

Report: Obamacare in Arkansas Will Hurt, Not Help Hospitals


The Advance Arkansas Institute has released a new report about the impact of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion on Arkansas hospitals. In short, Obamacare-Medicaid expansion is a loser for hospitals all the way around. Here are some of the key findings of the report: The problem of hospitals’ uncompensated care is driven primarily by bad debt, which the private option does not address; The problem of hospital bad debt, and uncompensated care generally, is likely overstated by … [Read more...]

Matt Campbell Knows Better

Earlier this week, I spoke on tort reform to the State Agencies committee of the Arkansas General Assembly; yesterday, I noticed an Internet polemic from Matt Campbell on the same subject. His piece is filled with misfires, but I want to focus on one in particular: Campbell argues that anything other than complete obeisance to all jury verdicts is “nothing more than a direct assault” on the state Constitution and the Seventh Amendment. Here, Campbell is flatly wrong. Campbell’s argument, … [Read more...]

Congratulations Nic and Leah Beth Horton!

All of us here at the Arkansas Project would like to send our congratulations to Nic Horton, who got married yesterday. For some unknown reason, he has decided to spend a week away from The Arkansas Project while he honeymoons in Mexico. Posting will be light this week, but Nic will be back soon. … [Read more...]

(Still) MISSING: House Democrats’ Ethics Plan

Leding-Sabin milk carton

Last week, Arkansas House Democrats made a few ripples in the political pond by announcing that they support ethics reform in Arkansas! In fact, they formed an ethics caucus that is “tasked with strengthening their push for ethics reform.” Hooray! Strangely, however, more than a week has gone by -- but not a single Democratic legislator has been willing to go on the record to announce the details of their plan. We have repeatedly attempted to contact two “leaders” of the ethics caucus for … [Read more...]

Lookout Bookout, Phony Scandal, & Anti-Security Security Ruling (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast, Dan and I dive into the biggest news of the week (which, of course, broke on a Friday): Senator Paul Bookout has been found in violation of four state campaign finance laws and fined $8,000. Also, what should we make of Governor Beebe's and Dustin McDaniel's comments on Secretary of State Mark Martin hiring outside counsel? And finally, some thoughts on the anti-security ruling from the Security Agency Board regarding armed teachers. For your reading pleasure, here … [Read more...]

Ray Hanley’s Three Medicaid Fallacies


I see that Ray Hanley has responded to my Arkansas Business commentary on Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. Ray Hanley is a smart guy and a provocative writer, but his response demonstrates the extraordinary financial and intellectual weakness of the case for the “private option.” Notably, in my original article, I posed six questions that I believe that advocates of Medicaid expansion cannot satisfactorily answer; in his response, out of those six questions, Hanley addressed two. Even in just … [Read more...]

Get Your Ethics Bookout, Love on Zimmerman, & Obama Threatens To Veto Himself

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We have a great show for you this week: Dan and I dive into the developing Senator Bookout scandal, Rep. Love's Zimmerman comments, and more! Here's some of the stories we reference, for your reading pleasure: Senator Paul Bookout appears before the Ethics Commission Rep. Fred Love is confused about the Zimmerman ruling Senator Jeremy Hutchison's mailer...stretches the truth President Obama calls Obamacare delay bill "unnecessary" … [Read more...]