Northwest Arkansas House Primaries Will Impact Arkansas-Obamacare’s Future


Many people are watching the four Republican state Senate primaries across Arkansas. And private-option obsessives like me have reason to: the outcome of these races will have a tremendous impact on the future of the Obamacare “private” option program. But the other half of the legislature is just as important: the funding for the PO barely cleared the House, both in last year’s session and in this year’s fiscal session. The future of the program could very well be decided in a few northwest … [Read more...]

Jerry Cox Weighs In On Pro-Life Developments!

jerry cox

Two bills of significant impact took steps forward in the legislative process at the state capitol today: one is Rep. Andy Mayberry's "fetal pain bill" which cleared the House Public Health Committee today. The other is Senator Jason Rapert's "heartbeat bill" which passed the full Senate today by a vote of 28-6. What do these bills actually say? Will they become law? What will their impact be on public policy in Arkansas if they do become law? These are the types of questions I asked Mr. … [Read more...]

BFF: Kyle Osborne Hearts Mike Beebe, And Other Things I Learned Monday Night


Last night, I witnessed the Searcy debate between incumbent Rep. Mark Biviano and his Democrat challenger Kyle Osborne. If the voters make a choice based on the candidates' performances, Osborne is in serious trouble. In his opening statement, Osborne began by saying he’s running for state representative because he has 30 years of law enforcement experience and “we need a little law enforcement in Little Rock.” He continued by saying he wants to go to the legislature to “serve alongside our … [Read more...]