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NRA “Proud Member” Pat Hays Didn’t Fill Out NRA Survey

Pat Hays, the Democrat running against Republican French Hill for Arkansas’s 2nd District congressional seat, released an ad over the weekend boasting about being a “proud member of the NRA” and that he’ll “protect our 2nd Amendment rights.”

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Pryor Brags About Job-Killing “Toy Safety” Bill (Plus: More McLean Monitoring)

Of course, readers of The Arkansas Project already knew that Pryor’s “toy safety” legislation was just another example of big-government regulation in search of an imaginary problem.

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Mica Strother, the Face of the Favor Factory

You might remember previous news reports about one of Governor Mike Beebe’s staffers, Mica Strother. Strother has a unique business model: apparently, she’s been spending part of her day working as a fundraiser for the Mark Pryor for Senate campaign, and the rest of it helping to decide who to appoint to various state government boards and commissions.

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