An Ad Hominem in Search of a Target That Doesn’t Exist


Yesterday afternoon, State Rep. Greg Leding took to the twittosphere to claim that a Republican state Senator "speaking on the Senate floor, did in fact say that voter ID will help elect Republicans." In fact, Rep. Leding didn't just send a frivolous tweet -- he said the quote was "Confirmed:" Confirmed by who? And who said it? And what exactly did they say? I was in the Senate gallery for the full discussion on voter ID -- I never heard any such comment. In addition, I have video of … [Read more...]

Rep. King Pushes for Vote Fraud Investigation in Lee County

US Atty letter

Voter fraud is a threat to representative democracy. Therefore, we follow this issue closely at The Arkansas Project. (Here are some of our previous stories on the topic: CONFIRMED: Vote Fraud in Arkansas; Lightning Strikes East Arkansas Voters; KATV Interviews Greenberg on Voter Fraud; Lightning Strikes–Again!) Last week, I reported about a confirmed case of voter registration fraud in Lee County -- fraud which, as we have been instructed, does not actually exist. Now state Rep. Bryan … [Read more...]

KATV Interviews Greenberg on Voter Fraud

I am not sure I like the idea of being known as a ‘vote fraud expert’; nonetheless, I accepted KATV’s invitation to discuss vote fraud yesterday. I thought Jeannette Reyes’s report on the proposed requirement for voters to show ID at the polls was fair overall; of course, she is handicapped by the inherent challenges of TV, which only gives her a few minutes to explore a complex issue. I particularly appreciate that Reyes relied on the AAI paper on vote fraud that we published last year. … [Read more...]

Lightning Strikes East Arkansas Voters


Opponents of election reform in Arkansas often make ridiculous claims about the amount of fraud that actually occurs in our state--despite evidence to the contrary.  Two recent examples provide some comic relief, in light of recent events. In April, the liberals at the “Blue Arkansas Blog” unloaded on Lt. Governor Mark Darr in a post respectfully entitled, “Letters to the Pizzaman: Darr Yet to Show Any Examples of Voter Fraud.”  ‘Cause, ya know, Darr owns a successful pizza business and … [Read more...]

Ex-Dem Congressman: I ‘Should Have Supported Voter ID’

Former Rep. Artur Davis

Here is your required reading for this Monday afternoon: an op-ed column by Artur Davis, a former Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Alabama, admitting that he now wishes he had supported voter identification laws when he was in office. Critics of such laws argue that requiring voters to show ID is akin to "suppression" of voting. Davis, writing in the Montgomery Adviser, argues that the objections are overstated. He looks at a voter ID law passed in Alabama in 2011 … [Read more...]

Shocker! Vote Fraud Alleged in East Arkansas Election!

Voter fraud alleged in east Arkansas Dist. 54 race

Intrigue abounds in Crittenden County, where a former Democratic candidate in special election for the House District 54 seat, Kim Felker, has alleged voting “irregularities” following her loss in the primary run-off election. United Nations Arkansas Board of Elections monitors have been dispatched to the east Arkansas locale to observe the process, and state police are investigating the fraud claims at the request of a local prosecutor. Here’s a sterling report on the situation from … [Read more...]