The Latest “Private Option” Broken Promise: Counterfeit Medical Savings Accounts

boondoggle-01Less than a week after Nic Horton left the Arkansas Project, he’s back on our site! Well, sort of.

Horton is now affiliated with the Foundation for Government Accountability, and he coauthored their newest article at “Arkansas Private Option’s Latest Boondoggle: Health Independence Accounts” Increase Dependence and Increase Costs.” 

As the article recounts, the “Private Option’s” health savings accounts, which were supposed to be the “heart and soul” of Medicaid reform, are an utter failure. That is because health savings accounts are supposed to provide incentives for more economical health-care choices, but the private option’s “Health Independence Accounts” only provide incentives to game the system.

Get the inside scoop on the latest “Private Option” boondoggle here.

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