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Last week, the campaign arm of the White House — “Organizing For Action”sent out an email asking folks to “join Team Obamacare!” All you have to do is submit your personal information and they’ll send you a FREE bumper sticker! (Think of the information-submission part as a dry run for what lies ahead.) Assuming you can still afford to drive a car under Obamanomics, that’s a swell deal. Oh, and I forgot to mention that to join “Team Obamacare,” you have to sign a petition that says you like Obamacare. (There’s always a catch.)

But lucky for you, The Arkansas Project is here to provide a rational response to OFA’s delusions: we’ve provided four alternate bumper stickers below for you to print off and slap on your car! Once you’ve done that, submit a picture of your nifty new sticker to our Facebook page and we’ll post it!

And, if you want to be a captain on Team Freedom, you can go the extra mile by 1. Subscribing to our podcast, 2. Subscribing to AAI’s newsletter, and 3. Subscribing to get our latest posts emailed directly to your inbox! Don’t you feel more patriotic already? I know I do.

Enjoy the stickers:

Obamacare bumper sticker 1

Obamacare bumper sticker 3

Obamacare bumper sticker 4

Obamacare bumper sticker 2

(More information on the Obamacare “trainwreck” and “third-world experience.”)

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