3 thoughts on “Sojourners Interview with Huckabee

  • There is no doubt that Huckabee is a social conservative…. and an economic socialist. BTW, the number 47 million uninsured includes 10 million illegal aliens.

  • Huckabee should just go be an entertainer. He is quite good at that. He is not very good on public policy.

  • Katherine

    Huckabee gives me hope for the Republican party and the evangelical political movement. You can’t be a Christian and say we have no duty to the poor, that hunger, sickness, homelessness are not our responsibility, that we are doomed to a world of economic Darwinism. His beliefs are perfectly consistent with conservatism: whenever possible, citizens should take responsibility for the welfare not only of themselves but of others; when and only when this fails, the government must act.


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