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Huckabee: “No Way” on Cabinet Post

Plus, if he had a Cabinet post, he wouldnt have time for the band!
Plus, if he had a Cabinet post, he wouldn't have time for the band!

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Kane Webb has a nice sit-down interview with former Gov. Mike Huckabee today, which you can read here. Huckabee talks about his upcoming FOX News show, his sympathy for Hillary Clinton and a bunch of other stuff.

Over at the Arkansas Times blog, Max Brantley highlights Huckabee’s response to Webb’s asking if he’d accept a post in the McCain administration. Huckabee says “no way” and elaborates:

Why would I want to do that? What possible reason? I’m gonna have a good life out here in the private sector. Why would I go back to telling everybody in the world how much money I make and being limited to what I can make and living in a very expensive city and barely surviving to have some obscure Cabinet post and have some 20-year-old from the White House telling me what I’m gonna do? Thanks, but no thanks. I have better things to do with my life.

The ArkTimes commenters, a humorless bunch of embittered liberals whose default mode is set to “righteously indignant,” are in high dudgeon over Huckabee’s response, accusing him of all kinds of terrible things like greed and arrogance and so forth. They’re a delicate and easily offended bunch.

But Huckabee’s right: A cabinet post is a pretty sure route to irrelevance, unless you get one of the cool posts like Secretary of Defense, Treasury or State. Otherwise, it’s a slow road to nowhere.

Why on earth would anyone want to head up the Department of Interior? Housing and Urban Development? Education? Commerce? If you’ve got a choice, why not have some fun on TV, make a little money and see what other—and inevitably better—opportunities avail themselves? Good for him.

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2 thoughts on “Huckabee: “No Way” on Cabinet Post

  • I am sure the Ark Times bloggers and readers wonder why would anyone turndown a bureaucrat position. After all, isn’t that the highest position all liberals aspire to?

  • he could head up a newly created (not evolved)
    department of religion… OR
    maybe his son could head up a dog’s rights group someday


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