Arkansas’ A Good Fight Hits MTV at 1 p.m.

A Good Fight hits the big time
A Good Fight hits the big time

I’m not entirely sure when this turned into a fan site for A Good Fight, but: We’ve reported previously on the Fayetteville pop-punk band, who beat out 4,000 other bands to take top honors in the “I Want My Music on MTV” contest. Their track “The Drama” will be featured today on “Made,” an MTV reality show at 1 p.m. Afterwards, MTV will premiere the video for “The Drama.”

The band includes Arkansas Rep. Jon Woods on bass, Eddie Love on vocals, Rizz Woods on guitar and Sean Merriott on drums.

Here’s a sneak preview of the MTV spot at YouTube, for those who can’t get enough:

Oh, another thing: In a weekend AP story on A Good Fight, reporter Andrew Demillo suggests in the lead that Woods’ involvement in the band is somehow unusual, as he’s a conservative Republican—the implication being that conservative politics and rock music don’t mix, I guess. Sheesh, it’s like these guys have never heard of Johnny Ramone.

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2 thoughts on “Arkansas’ A Good Fight Hits MTV at 1 p.m.

  • I enjoy this blog more than I did Rep. Woods music – but I am an old fogey, so what do I know.


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