Gilbert Baker Now Has A Big Pile of Money

Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker, who entered the insanely crowded GOP primary for U.S. Senate just a few weeks ago, announces today he raised some $500,000 in the third quarter—a commanding performance that establishes Baker as the front-runner on the GOP side. Baker’s full statement is at the jump.

While we’re on the 2010 Senate race, why not watch this good discussion of said campaign between Talk Business impresario Roby Brock and Blake’s Think Tank mastermind Blake Rutherford?:

Full Baker statement on Q3 fundraising:


Conway – Senator Gilbert Baker released the following statement regarding his fundraising efforts since launching his campaign on September 1, 2009:

“I continue to be humbled by the overwhelming support our campaign receives, and I am extremely grateful to those who have supported my campaign in a significant financial way during these tough economic times.

Since launching my campaign on September 1st, we have received contributions totaling just over $500,000.  This is a strong beginning to having the necessary resources to communicate our common sense message to Arkansas voters.

“I look forward to a campaign about creating more jobs and boosting our economy.  Within this, two things are clear:  One, Arkansans deserve a Senator who will never be a swing vote on nationalized healthcare, cap and trade, and card check legislation — all of which affect small business, farmers, and other important aspects of Arkansas’ economic engine.

Two, Arkansans believe the next United States Senator should be a check and balance to the extreme agenda of the national Democratic Party. ”


*The full campaign finance report will be filed on October 15, 2009.

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14 thoughts on “Gilbert Baker Now Has A Big Pile of Money

  • Bubba from Gurdon

    Why he wasting time raising money? We all know these things are settled in the comments sections of blogs and it cost nothing to post these.

  • Is this sustainable? Has he already maxed out his big donors? How many individual contributions did he receive? These are the questions I want answered. He has not been showing up to events. He must just be sitting back calling people. We will see.

  • James in Malvern

    Gilbert Baker will not get my vote in the Primary. I would not count out Curtis Coleman. With the support of Mike Huckabee Coleman has a good shot at winning the primary.

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  • FSRepublican

    People in Northwest Arkansas will leave the Senate part of the ballot blank if Gilbert Baker is the nominee.

    Simple as that.

  • Ozarks GOP

    FSRepublican, do you really believe that NWA Republicans would forsake Baker and hand the election to Obama and Blanche because Dave Bisbee’s feelings are hurt? Maybe the Reynolds and Coleman folks should get real about competing with Lincoln’s $5 million instead of trying to tear down Baker.

  • Vote for Curtis Coleman

    I vote for Curtis Coleman. Forget Gilbert Baker!

  • Trey R.

    Gilbert has burned too many bridges with many of his supporters. He can raise all the money he wants but in the end he simply cant win. We really need to get a fresh voice like Curtis Coleman into office.

  • FSRepublican


    Nominating Baker forsakes the Republican Party and hands the election to Obama and Blanche.

  • Bubba from Gurdon

    You guys are absolutely right. Money corrupts. I think we all need to consider getting behind the one candidate in this race with no money – Trevor Drown!

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