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Baker’s In! He’s In! He’s In!

Gil "Bert" Baker

Eeeeeeeeee! After months of annoying vacillation, Arkansas Sen. Gilbert Baker has pulled the trigger, announcing today that he is, indeed, jumping into the increasingly crowded Republican primary for U.S. Senate to earn a shot at challenging embattled Democratic U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln. (Politico lists Lincoln on their “August Recess Casualty List.” Ouch.)

Full statement from Baker at jump.

Your move, Tom Cotton….

Here’s the full running list of announced, considering and rumored-to-be-considering candidates.

The Politics in Arkansas blog rounds up the responses from the D.C. flacks at the national party committees, so I don’t have to.

Gilbert Baker to Run for U.S. Senate

Says Need for Checks and Balances in Washington Trumps Being a Political Spectator

Conway – State Senator Gilbert Baker (bio attached) announced today that he will be a candidate for the United States Senate in 2010.

“After encouragement from people all across the state, and with the support of my family and close friends, I have decided that during this important time in our nation’s history, one should not be a political spectator.” Baker continued, “I believe that Arkansas’ next United States Senator should help provide checks and balances on the policies being pushed by President Obama and the D.C. leadership.”

Baker will spend the month of September travelling the state raising money, speaking to groups, visiting with grassroots supporters, and developing a campaign infrastructure.

“We have set modest fundraising and organizational goals as we begin this process,” commented Baker.

“However, let me be clear, I believe any viable challenger to Senator Lincoln must possess the ability to raise a significant amount of money in order to get his or her message out to the people of Arkansas.”  Baker closed, “I look forward to a spirited primary campaign and a vigorous debate about the many issues facing Arkansas.”

A formal campaign kick-off will be planned for October.

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13 thoughts on “Baker’s In! He’s In! He’s In!

  • Brett

    What I find most interesting is that both you and Max used the word “vacillation” in your first sentence.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Well, it is official. We can take all the confirmed and rumored Republican hopefuls and play a game of basketball. Or we can field a baseball team with one on the bench.

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  • Barbara

    Gilbert has the best shot to win of any of the current candidates, including Blank.

  • Keith

    The Republicans do realize there are other offices up for reelection in 2010 right? I mean there’s Governor, Lt. Governor, SOS, Attorney General. I mean lets spread the people around a little bit.

  • Brett – I think you are on to something. I have long since suspected that David Kinkade and Max Brantley are in fact the same person with different alter egos. Think about it? It explains so much.

  • I find all this discourse and analysis extremely valid. I would also add this is an unusual time we have in regards to fund-raising across the state and the country. Money for the primary will be very tight and with this many GOP candidates, they will have to expend every dollar to win it. Even then will it be enough to win 50% or will the top two have to run again in June? Once that is done, they will be beat tired, the streets will be bloodied and then it starts all over again. This time against a green party member, the independent and Blanche.

    The one thing which is also looming; there are only 45,000 registered that can make the decision on who will be the GOP candidate. And if history is any indication only 30,000 registered republicans will vote. Any one of the other parties can manipulate the election, by instructing their followers to change their party affiliation 60 days out and selecting the idiot of the group, thus hijacking the campaign. Then it is game over for the state GOP in regards to the US Senate race.

  • Seriously?

    SenateWatch, you’re factually incorrect on Arkansas elections.

  • Brett

    Jason, not only are they the same person with different egos, but each ego is using a different chapter from the Trevor Drown playbook.

  • Cool dude, even better. So lets all reach an agreement now. What do you think about voting for Chris Morris to win the Republican Primary for US Senate?

  • Cody Jackson

    Blanche Lincoln is NOT going to be beat!

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