Lincoln Pulls in $1.2 Million in Q3

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Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln reports another strong fundraising quarter, with $1.2 million for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, and a total of $4.13 million on hand.

From the Lincoln campaign:

* For the 3rd quarter (July 1 – September 30, 2009), the campaign will report total receipts of $1,210,919;

* Individuals accounted for more than 58 percent of the total contributions for the quarter;

* The campaign reported $4,129,747 cash on hand at the close of the period, September 30;

* Since the beginning of this year, Senator Lincoln’s campaign has raised $4,204,068, an average of $1.4 million per quarter.

She also reports campaign expenditures of $266,105.90 for the quarter. Lincoln statement at jump.

On the Republican side, the current money leader is state Sen. Gilbert Baker, who says he raised more than $500,000 in September (Baker’s third quarter fundraising window was abbreviated as he entered the race in early September).

Senator Lincoln’s statement:

“My first priority is always to fight for the individuals and families of Arkansas during some tough choices that are being made in Washington.  However, I also know that I must prepare for a competitive election campaign.  That’s why I am humbled and honored that hundreds of new supporters have joined the campaign during the last year so that we can now count more than 4,500 donors.  I do not take this job for granted and know that I can’t do it alone.”

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7 thoughts on “Lincoln Pulls in $1.2 Million in Q3

  • FSRepublican

    Has anyone forwarded this to Katie in Blanche’s office?

  • Cameron Bluff

    By golly, this report seems to be directly from the pages of nimrod Trevor Drown’s play book!

  • Fourche River Rex

    So, Baker raised half a mill in a month and Lincoln raised 1.2 in three months. I guess we can say Baker out raised Lincoln for the month that they were competing head to head? Is there any way we can actually see how much she brought in during the same time that Baker was taking in money?

  • Rex,
    Probably a better measure would be looking at how they perform in the fourth quarter, the first in which they both will be raising money for the full period, for a relative comparison.

  • FSRepublican

    The big key is which one, Gilbert or Blanche, raised the most money from PACs.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Don’t give me your logical crap. I want sensationalisitc spin.

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