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Confirmed: Representative Leding Has Not Called Me Back

Sherlock Leding, in search of scandal.
Sherlock Leding, in search of scandal.

It has been well over 24 hours now and I am yet to hear back from Rep. Greg Leding about his claim that a Republican Senator, while speaking on the Senate floor, said “voter ID will help elect Republicans.” You would think that, if this statement was made, Rep. Leding would be anxious to tell the world all the details — or at least be willing to tell me specifics of what was said and who said it. Nevertheless, my calls, voicemails, and tweets have been ignored.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have video of the floor debate on the voter ID bill in the Senate, with the exception of the time that elapsed when I had to switch cameras. But of course, the missing video is really irrelevant because the opponents of voter ID have clearly convinced us that if there is no evidence is available, then something did not happen. So, unless Rep. Leding can provide some proof — or at least a name — we’ll assume it never happened.

It’s striking to me that someone who wants to be taken seriously would make such a serious accusation without any evidence and think that reasonable people will believe it. It’s even more striking when those same people are so quick to assign nefarious motives for this same type of (alleged) behavior.

Without further ado, here is video of Senator Bryan King and Senator Alan Clark speaking in favor of the ID bill on Wednesday. If anyone hears something about voter ID helping Republicans get elected, please let me know:

If Rep. Leding would like to contact me, I’d be happy to print his rebuttal. In the future, he should strongly consider fact checking things he reports as “confirmed.”

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