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Arkansas Congressional Hopeful Tom Cotton Secures Coveted ‘Weekly Standard’ OK (Updated!)

Your recommended reading for this hazy August morning is this adoring Weekly Standard profile of Tom Cotton, a possible GOP candidate for the Arkansas Fourth District Congressional seat now that Rep. Mike Ross isn’t running for reelection. A taste:

The list of well-known conservatives preparing to support Cotton reads like a Who’s Who of the movement. His former professors at Claremont are as much in awe at the prospects of Cotton in Congress as his old sergeant in Iraq. “You have to remember that this young man interrupted a fast-track life to study the Federalist Papers,” explains Charles Kesler, now editor of the Claremont Review of Books. “And that was before he interrupted his life to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Cotton, meanwhile, is as comfortable talking about domestic policy and the need to restrict the growth of government as he is in assessing American strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is an ease about his manner that masks his intellectual prowess and the courage that marked his service.

This Cotton fellow sounds like quite a catch! If he can secure the coveted endorsement of The Weekly Standard demographic, then Hempstead County is bound to fall in line.

If you run a Google Image search for photos of Cotton, by the way, this entry from the Arkansas Project’s Greatest Hits Collection is a leading result:

Ah, the glory days of 2009.

Full profile here.

UPDATE: Looks like Cotton’s taken steps to formalize his campaign: Here’s his campaign website and Twitter account that appears to have been active for a few days.

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3 thoughts on “Arkansas Congressional Hopeful Tom Cotton Secures Coveted ‘Weekly Standard’ OK (Updated!)

  • radical centrist

    2012 could be the year for pickin’ Cotton.

    My advice to Cotton is: trust your instincts, and avoid Tim Griffin as much as possible. Humor him, of course, but Griffin is a political bozo who should not be taken seriously.

  • Cameron Bluff

    He has secured my coveted OK as well!

  • Edward Phillips, Ph.D.

    My adivice to Tom is to first learn the real difference between a conservative and a liberal. And that difference is this: Conservatives are closed-minded, while liberals are open-minded as documented by scores on Rokeach’s Open- v. Closed-Minded Scale. In practice this means conservatives have all the answers to all the questions–before the questions are asked. Liberals do not, rather they evaluate issues on their merits.


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