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Mike Ross: “It’s Been Fun, But I Gotta Go!”

Mike Ross: Gotta go! U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, who has ruled Arkansas’ mighty Fourth District with an iron fist since 2001, announced today he won’t run for re-election, to the surprise of all.

Ross was the last man standing among Arkansas Democrats in the state’s House delegation following the 2010 elections, and he was shaping up to be a top target for the GOP in 2012.

Just last week, the GOP group Crossroads GPS bought more than $127,000 in ads critical of Ross. If you’re not sure, that’s a hell of a lot of money to spend in July of a non-election year.

Were the Crossroads ads the determining factor in Ross’s decision? Since we have no idea, let’s just say “yes” and be done with it. But stand by, because he might just run for governor yet!

Meanwhile, the Tolbert Report indicates that Republicans Tom Cotton (who stepped aside from a planned challenge to U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2010, a decision he probably rues to this day), Rep. Lane Jean and Beth Ann Rankin (who challenged Ross in 2010) are all exploring runs (or at least being mentioned as potential candidates) for what will now be an open seat.

UPDATE: Oh, Roby Brock, we know we can always look to you for a comprehensive listing of the names of every underqualified egomaniac credible candidate who’s rumored to be eyeing the seat. Let’s all go look!


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6 thoughts on “Mike Ross: “It’s Been Fun, But I Gotta Go!”

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  • Memo to Rankin: If you decide to run please drop the wannabe Palin hair and glasses look. It will probably look a little too 2008 in 2012 and it was always much harder for a ginger to pull off.

  • Memo to Linton.

    The Rankin ‘do was smokin.

    I think she might just want to someday be referred to as a red hot smokin’ wife in someones prayer.

    Wait a minute.

    She’s a republican. She lives in Arkansas. She’s not married….is she….? (gasp)

    is she? no… Surely not…..

    Couldnt be….right? Right?

    Well, maybe she will find love someday.

  • Br549, I can’t tell if you’re talking about her being single or kidding around with a lesbian joke(and no, I am in no way trying to start the later rumor). Both definitely work pretty well with the tone of the post.

    All that aside, I always thought she looked like a pale imitation of Sarah Palin, in more ways than one.

  • Brock lists Matthew Shepherd in his list- with a “political pedigree”. While I was mildly impressed with him in this his first session- what is the”pedigree’?

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