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Tom Cotton: Well, That Was Anti-Climactic

Like the mythical beast, it was if he was never here.
Like his mythical steed, it was as if he was never here.

Oh, so all that business about U.S. Army Capt. Tom Cotton, a Republican, running for U.S. Senate, or maybe the Second District Congressional seat? Uh, yeah, so, not so much. Word from Camp Cotton is he won’t be running for anything after all. OK, moving on…

More reax: The Tolbert Report, Arkansas Times, Arkansas Watch.

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15 thoughts on “Tom Cotton: Well, That Was Anti-Climactic

  • Fourche River Rex

    Somewhere in Sheridian Bill is crying.

  • fruitfly

    Tom not running is a loss for all Arkansans. But no need to cry, He’ll be back.

  • SouthArkie

    I am sorry, but that picture is pretty funny after all this talk. I think Tom has a bright future, but this was a smart decision on his part.

  • JMP

    I guess he is the only person NOT running.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Fourche River Rex,

    I’ve been hiding out in the deep shade of the tall trees all weekend. Tom would have been an excellent Senate candidate. Oh well, Gilbert is a great candidate too. Go Gil go!.

  • Take your time, Bill. Let the grieving process run its course. Then, one day, you can love again.

  • nick C

    that gets the prize for the funniest political photo shop ever.

  • UnicornLover

    Good personal decision for Mr. Cotton though unfortunate for the people of Arkansas. Any chance the unicorn is planning a run?

  • Fourche River Rex

    The photoshop reminds me of those pictures of Daniel Radcliffe in the “Equus” promo picks.

  • Word is that Tom Cotton will be joining The Teams as heir apparent to Trevor Drown.

  • Jill

    That was good “The Team” once again Mark Martin pokes fun at the war veterans. If I were Tom I would be steering clear of the republicans after seeing their true colors towards an American Hero. I would at least want to be associated with a group that appreciates ones service to his country. It is sad because not all republicans are this way, but the AR GOP seems to have a bad problem, and definitely has poor leadership. As for you Mark “The Team” what the hell have you ever done other than set on your ass and draw horns on you head. What a pathetic worm you are. Tom you can see now how much you were appreciated by the GOP. I hope you team up with another american hero and turn this country around. I hope everyone does what I did and gives Trevor Drown a look. I did and I have found my leader. I am so disgusted with my republican party!!

  • I attended a Republican womens’ club meeting recently where I listened to an elitist snob who is highly connected with the State and National Republican Parties say that she thought all of these people jumping up and running for Senate as a Republican just showed that all of these “unknown, unconnected to the party” men who are running were lifted up in pride and arrogance.

    My reaction to her snobbery was not positive. I did manage to control myself at the time. I thought it was pretty obvious that this woman was the one who was lifted up in pride–especially pride in her Republican Womens’ Scrap Book.

    Until the Republicans in this state learn to appreciate people who pay their party large filing fees and who will carry the Republican brand in public elections, the Republicans will continue to be a minority party in this state.

    The Democrats would brag on their candidate if his name were Lucifer.

  • Breanne

    The problem with people with the money is they think they can set the agenda. The major money-givers are out of touch with the rank and file of the Republican party. They have this sense of entitlement to tell us what to do. In reality, they are the biggest problem with us getting a better following. They force us to go down a path that is fraught with racism and elitism.

  • RobbieRocks!

    Yes Jill, Trevor has some truly provocative thoughts and impressive direction regarding the national issues. Just read his latest post on the health care debate: – Man that is really the way to take an issue by the horns and develop a meaningful solution. Blanche couldn’t have written a more generic statement.
    If this guy wants to be Senator, which will not happen, then at least he could offer some insight into what he would do. Instead all five of his groupies pretend to be other people, complain about how much other people suck, and provide ignorant arguments with people on blogs in the comments section. You and your four buddies should be embarrassed at how ridiculous you make your “leader” look.
    Oh yeah, how are those signatures coming?


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