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The John Brummett Enshortener: Today’s Column In Four Words!

Oh, no! Democratic news columnist John Brummett is surveying the scene at the state Capitol, where Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been engaged in a state budget dispute of no significant consequence, and he likes not what he sees

The Sage of Hillcrest, his brow furrowed with deep grooves of disapproval, devotes his morning column to a stern, stern denunciation of this dark new era of “dreaded Washington tactics” in the Natural State. That’s right, my friend: Partisan politics have broken out in an institution that happens to be organized around the imperatives of partisan politics.

To save you some reading time, I ran the text of Brummett’s column through my new John Brummett Enshortener software (patent pending) and condensed it to four words:

The sage of Hillcrest

Thanks to this exciting new technology (patent pending), you don’t have to read Brummett’s column, and you can go do more important things with your life. Ha ha, I’m just kidding, I know you’re just gonna go screw around on Twitter and Facebook, because you are an idiot.

Many A Fear, But It’s All In The Game (Of Politics) (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/subscription required but not necessarily recommended)

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