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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 16

Photo Op: So, is there a living Republican official anywhere in the United States who has not yet had his or her photo taken with Jason Tolbert? (The Tolbert Report)

Science!: Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor proposes ‘science parks’ as economic stimulus measure. I’m gonna go play on the giant centrifuge! (Benton County Daily Record)

Freedom Fighter: More on Rep. Dan Greenberg’s heroic and visionary fight to bring greater openness to Arkansas public information. (AP)

Wishful Thinking: The City Wire’s Michael Tilley lists legislation he’d like see coming out of the Arkansas Capitol. (The City Wire)

It’s Miley!: The Hannah Montana bill clears committee; somewhere, Dwayne Dobbins is smiling. (The Legislative Beat)*

*I started to do a Google Image search on Miley Cyrus to go along with this last item, but then as soon as I saw the first page of results it occurred to me that I’d just as soon not be the special guest on the next edition of “To Catch a Predator,” thanks very much, so you’re on your own.

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One thought on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 16

  • DumbArkie

    Re: Photo Op

    Years ago, Tolbert and I went to Rome looking for Italian babes. We figured while we were there “Let’s go see the Pope.” So, we’re standing at St. Peter’s watching the Pope speak and Jason, braggin’ as usual, says “Hey DumbArkie, did you know that me and the Pope go way back?” I said “you’re lyin’ Tolbert. There ain’t know way you know the Pope.” He said “To Hell I don’t” and off he went.

    The next thing I knew, there was Tolbert standing next to the Pope on the balcony just a-wavin’. I couldn’t believe it. I turned to the guy next to me and screamed like a little school girl “I know that guy on the balcony.” Not at all impressed, the guy says to me, “Who doesn’t?…but who’s that guy with the funny hat next to Jason?”


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