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‘Max’s Law’ To Hit Senate This Week

Imagine my excitement this weekend to pick up a print copy of the Arkansas Times and flip through to Max Brantley’s column, where I saw this headline:

I had taken to calling Democratic Rep. Randy Stewart’s bill to limit public availability of information on concealed carry permit holders “Max’s Law,” because I’m obnoxious, and was delighted that Max was enough of a sport to run with it in his latest column explaining his decision to publish the list in toto.

Also delighted is John Anderson of the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association, who weighs in with a lengthy argument on the issue that’s worth a read. Memo to Andrew Demillo: Get these two together for a debate at the next Arkansas Society of Professional Journalists meeting!

Anyway, looks like Max’s Law, which passed the Arkansas House a couple of weeks back, is on the Senate State Agencies Committee agenda for tomorrow (opens in PDF file). One to watch.

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One thought on “‘Max’s Law’ To Hit Senate This Week

  • Yes indeed! I’ve subscribed to John Anderson’s Arkansas Concealed Carry RSS feed for about a year now and he rocks!

    “The second amendment is the peoples’ liberties’ teeth.” –George Washington.


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