Stuff From Around Arkansas, June 1

Master and Commander: All hail your Governor Mike Beebe, the benevolent despot of Arkansas! (Governing Magazine)

Sapphic: Oh, look, Arkansas GOP chair Doyle Webb is still talking about his lesbian fetish. (AP)

Rex Appeal: Former Huckabee spokesman and Delta Regional Authority boss Rex Nelson joins Little Rock ad firm Communications Group. (Politics in Arkansas)

Terrorizing: A shooting at a Little Rock Army recruiting center leaves one soldier dead and another wounded. Messed up stuff. (AP)

The Hundred Years War: Blogger Blake Rutherford gives Arkansas Business publisher Jeff Hankins what for on questions of new vs. old media. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Lifers: Columnist John Brummett takes stock of all these losers who won’t get the hell out the Capitol. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Me Time: There’s your beloved Arkansas Project, making a cameo appearance in a couple of big-time Washington DC publications! Ah, shucks (pushes dirt around with foot). (Politico and Talking Points Memo)

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3 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, June 1

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  • Fourche River Rex

    The best part about this blog getting picked up on the national level is that my comments about rich men kicking kids in the nuts is picked up! Oh, how I love this technology thing. My buffoonery is nationwide!

    Okay, about this Beebe thing, does anyone else feel like gagging when you read this kind of tripe? Beebe is successful at what he does because he has a legislature filled with weak spined yes-men that would gladly kiss his arse if he demanded such. If he wants it done, it gets done with no questions asked. He has no opposition, so of course he’s successful.
    Now, we have to wait to see if his policies are successful. Most, thus far, aren’t anything we can determine the success of. So, proclaiming Beebe the cat’s ass of Arkansas governor’s is akin to proclaiming Joan Crawford mother of the year because she could make Christina conform to her crazy demands.

    Finally, as far as the terrorist killing the soldier, anyone else wonder why this doesn’t get the same media attention that the shooting of Dr. Tiller did? Both shootings were carried out by a lunitic on the fringe of society driven by political ideology and warped religious fervor. Both vicitms were killed because of their job. But for some reason, the killing of an abortion doctor is more newsworthy than the killing of an American Soldier. Why do you think that is? And where is the Muslim community, condemning this shooting? The pro-life community spoke out against the shooting of Tiller, where is the Muslim community?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Oh, and one more thing, where is Max Brantly posting links to black, militant, anti-American preachers that have been fomenting anger in the black community? After all, he posted links to O’Reilly and blamed him for the shooting. Where’s the blame for Louis Ferrakahan or Jeremiah Wright?


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