Some Democrat May Be Looking At Senate 28 Seat! Maybe!

A normally reliable tipster tells me that a certain former speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives is taking a hard look at the race for the Senate seat in District 28, soon to be vacated by term-limited Sen. Bobby Glover. Word is that the potential candidate has been making calls to gauge early support and will likely announce in the summer.

I left a call at the guy’s auto dealership but haven’t heard back yet, so for now I’ll leave his name out of it. So let’s just call him “Benny P.” for the moment. No, wait, that’s no good. Let’s go with “Kenny P.” Yep, that should do it.

Cabot Mayor Eddie Joe Williams announced earlier in the week that he was jumping in to this race on the GOP side.

UPDATE: Arkansas Project commenter nlr2009, your indispensable eye in the sky, digs up this story from the Arkansas Leader published today, in which the mystery man, who says he’s “leaning toward getting into the race,” is revealed to be….BENNY PETRUS! You never saw that coming, did you?

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7 thoughts on “Some Democrat May Be Looking At Senate 28 Seat! Maybe!

  • Barbara - where is The Arkansas Project when you need it?

    And so far, not a word from The Arkansas Project on one of the major issues in the Secretary of State’s race: the repeated violation of OUR privacy rights by the pseudo-savior Pulaski County Clerk.

    [… That would be today’s breaking news that MARRIAGE RECORDS with Social Security numbers were published on the Clerk’s web site…. and then pulled down when it became obvious that this was a violation of multiple federal laws protecting… privacy.]

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Damnit. I was hoping Kenny Powers was going to run.

  • The Arkansas Project is always there when I need it. Always.

  • I hear George Dunklin is interested in running for that seat. He’d be a strong candidate. He could get 50% of the vote in the Arkansas County part of that district. He’ll win if he runs.

  • Well Dunklin doesnt even live in that district…

    Isn’t AR county a little far east for you to be commenting on, Bill?

    You should come down to Arkansas County sometime and check out the fine, fine, scenery down there.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Br549, I took David’s mother to a coon supper last year down that way.

    Are you sure Dunklin doesn’t live in the district? Where is the dividing line?


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