Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 31

It’s that time of the year again!

Huck’s Bucks: Blogger Jason Tolbert, a Mike Huckabee fan, rips the former governor a new one for lousy fundraising numbers. Must read! (The Tolbert Report)

The Big Tease: Ooooh, is Republican Gilbert Baker gonna get in the U.S. Senate race? Is he? Is he? Is he? Oh, geez, Gilbert, just shit or get off the damn pot. (Political Buzz)

Indie Rock: Independent Jerry Coon plans challenge to GOP Rep. John Boozman in Arkansas’ Third District. (40/29 TV — link fixed)

Uh, No: Rex Nelson argues that the Oxford American is just a great, great, great magazine. Rex Nelson is very, very, very wrong. (Rex Nelson’s Southern Fried Blog)

Everything You Need: Greatest website ever? Greatest website ever. (Actually Has Nothing To Do With Arkansas, But I’m Sliding It In Here Anyway Because It’s My Damn Blog)

Sophie’s Choice: Howard Dean or Mike Huckabee: Whose cable television show is better? What, you mean I can only pick ONE? (The New Republic)

Smugglers Cove: Cigarette smuggling from out of state was expected to increase with Mike Beebe’s big tobacco tax hike, but revenuers say they’ve seen no evidence of smuggling activity. Which means I got away with it, ha ha! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Poop Scoop: University of Arkansas employee discovers that someone defecated in an elevator; police are investigating, but they don’t have a suspect. Which means I got away with it, ha ha! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

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5 thoughts on “Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 31

  • You forgot to add Trevor Drown, the firebrand Independent from Russellville who announced he will seek the US Senate Seat occupied by Blanche Lincoln, announced the existance of a new cyber-grassroots movement called http://www.idaretomakeadifference.com Wow! Just staggering. What is next? Blake gets a real job?

  • is that the best shot you got for Rex? “very,very,wrong?” Cmon.

  • Given that we’ve covered the pointless anachronism of the Oxford American many times on these pages, it’s about all that’s required — particularly given that Rex’s post linked here is the same unabashed boosterism the magazine’s enthusiasts are forever trying to force down our throats.

  • Look you use what you can. The republicans have got to worried about a guy like Drown as an independent because they need to find a way to stay as a viable political party. If the don’t run someone against Beebe, they could very well have to get signatures for eveyone who runs in 2012. And from what I have seen with his shooting from the hip and the idaretomakeadifference.com grass roots thing, he could easily get the signatures he needs and thst is even withoutthe Dems helping out.


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