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Someone’s Having A Birthday!

You’re not going to believe this, but it so happens that today is The Arkansas Project’s one-year anniversary, more or less. We went public on July 31, 2008, after blogging in the dark for a few days beforehand to try everything out. Oh, what a fun year we’ve had!

For all of you history buffs out there, I was looking back through The Arkansas Project archives and I came across the blog’s original business plan, in which we laid out our strategic goals for generating revenues and making this venture a sterling success. Here, let’s all take a look:

And so to summarize, this remains the worst blog in the entire state of Arkansas. The end.

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8 thoughts on “Someone’s Having A Birthday!

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats on making it one year David, Dan, Cory, et al.

  • Is it OK if I send your business plan to my unemployed but highly talented daughter so she can start her own blog? I figure if you can make it, anyone can. Happy BD.

  • menapotstirrer

    You have to consider the competition when you claim the title of “Worst Blog in Arkansas”. There are many fierce competitors for this vaunted title. For you to claim it without it being awarded is vain and arrogant of you. Wait a minute, maybe you are right. Happy Birthday and keep up the terrible blogging. We find your rantings amusing out here. It helps keep us from driving to Oklahoma for alcohol nearly as often as we did before you began this venture.

  • When’s the damn party? It’s about time you buy a round of drinks.

  • The Arkansas Project never buys its own drinks, nemo. We make sure that we socialize exclusively with our friends who have expense accounts. When that fails, we start a small fire in the men’s room and exploit the ensuing confusion to duck out on the tab.

  • Arkansas Blogger

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. This site has been a great addition to the local blogosphere.

    It’s been a good year for Internet content in Arkansas, with several worthwhile blogs getting started. Even Brummett is getting the hang of it. The Internet is starting to get interesting around here.

    The past year had some silliness too, like starting clubs for every faddish social media brand in existence. The Facebook club is pointless, so I doubt it survive more than a year or two. The Twitter group might do better because it’s a good excuse for people to get together for drinks. The fad finally jumped the shark when someone proposed an “Arkansas Bloggers Association” to confer some ersatz press credentials on bloggers. It’s easy to foresee some self-styled Internet reporter getting arrested for trespassing at a crime scene, waving his ABA card around and exclaiming “You can’t arrest me, I’m a blogger!”

  • Cory Allen Cox

    I’m deeply disturbed that Elizabeth lumped me in with the horrible people that run this farce of a blog. My name is besmirched! Ack!
    Happy Birthday, ArkPro. You make me laugh and that is good.

  • Thanks for spicing up the ol’ Google Reader. Happy Birthday!


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