Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 28 (Updated!)

Paine Relief: Stupid Thomas Paine Day bill fails in committee, ha ha. Wait, why are we still talking about this? When did this turn into one of the leading issues in the state? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Nobama for Arkansas: House committee votes down proposal to congratulate Barack Obama on his election because of concerns about slavery language in resolution. Here’s the full text (opens in PDF). (AP)

UPDATE: Arkansas Business story on same notes that our own Dan Greenberg was in the mix on this one, laying out arguments against the slavery language and ultimately voting against the resolution.

UPDATE II: Hey, the story made Wonkette.com, and they even mention Greenberg! Granted, it’s just his last name, and they misspelled it, but that’s still way better than anything YOU’VE done today.

Web Savvy: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette gets a new online content chief. Hooray! First order of business: Find ways to make their web content more inaccessible and secure against the threat of somebody actually reading it or linking to it. (Blake’s Think Tank)

How’d That Happen?: A win for Rep. Dan Greenberg, an Arkansas Project contributor, on one of his Freedom of Information Act bills! I know, I was shocked, too! (Arkansas News Bureau)

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6 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 28 (Updated!)

  • I thought BHO was “post-racial.”

    Why, then, would Rep. Flowers feel the need to bring up slavery and race?

  • John The Fisherman

    In related news, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in Arkansas has been designated Nathan Bedford Forrest day. Strong support for David O Dodd surfaced, but unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to help start the Klan.

  • Is it just me or is the Senate abortion funding vote also a win for the anti immigrant crowd?

    I mean, not to be crass, but, doesn’t that mean that there will be less immigrants that will want to come over to America?

    Would be interesting to compare the votes/stances.

    Am I wrong here?

  • David Kinkade

    Br549, for some reason I get the feeling you’re just trying to start something. Any takers?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Why is it that our legislators are fighting over crap resolutions? Get to work people! Do something that means something! Obama, Paine…jeeze. Who gives a rip! Children are starving and tobacco is being smoked! The time for action is now!

  • No bites.


    What, can I say, I’m good.


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