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Beebe On Anti-Smoking Zealot: ‘Lacked Decorum and Tact’

Hey, remember that story we were talking about Tuesday morning about that anti-smoking zealot, appointed to a state tobacco advisory board by Gov. Mike Beebe, who sent legislators an e-mail in which he compared deaths from cigarette smoking to the Holocaust? Then he went and said some really crazy things.

I’m happy to report that this zany tale went mainstream, with a couple of good stories in the actual real media, and not just on a trashy and clownish political gossip blog! It’s true!

The AP’s ace reporter Jill Zeman is on the spot with this report detailing how, surprise surprise, the governor and his legislative allies are seeking to distance themselves from Dr. Dan Hawkins, PhD, the guy who sent the original e-mail (first commented upon here by the inimitable Rep. Dan Greenberg and then published in full here).

A Beebe spokesman says Hawkins’ e-mail “lacked decorum and tact,” but that he will not be removed from his plum post on the Arkansas Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Advisory Council (ARTOPREVCESSADCO?). Doc Hawkins (PhD) tells Zeman that he stands by everything he wrote, by cracky, and those lawmakers should grow a spine and join him in his jihad against the pernicious evil of the demon weed.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas News Bureau’s man on the scene John Lyon picks up additional response from the ARTOPREVCESSADCO chair, who says, “I’ve never met this kook and he does not speak for us” (not an exact quote but it may as well be).

So to summarize, Dr. Dan Hawkins, PhD, Gov. Beebe’s latest appointee to ARTOPREVCESSADO, is a radioactive nutjob and I win.

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8 thoughts on “Beebe On Anti-Smoking Zealot: ‘Lacked Decorum and Tact’

  • Wow, they actually said “the Arkansas Project” rather than just “blogger.” Congratulations, you actually exist!

  • Don davis

    He’s nutty enough without you making up stuff. He says “Ironically, we lose more Americans, dead from smoking, each & every single year, as were killed by the Nazis throughout the entirety of World War II” OK, so he’s talking “Americans” and not Jews, gypsies, Russians, etc.

    This guy is radical, but pinning a “Holocaust” tag on him is pushing it, I don’t believe anyone has characterized the deaths of US soldiers in WW II as a “holocaust.”

  • Fourche River Rex,2933,483504,00.html

    Did you know fish balls kill more people a year than died in Soviet work camps? We should tax fish balls because fish balls are evil and the fish ball lobby doesn’t want you to know it. They love fish balls and want everyone to eat them. A fifty cent tax on each testicle would stop thier skullduggary. We could use the money to fund a floating trama center on the Arkansas River.

    No to fish nuts! Now and forever!

  • Don Davis,
    Thanks for the note. I’m not sure if you can dismiss the “Holocaust” tag as being made up — Doc Hawkins does approvingly cite and link to an organization that seeks “to prosecute tobacco sellers for the tobacco holocaust:”

    So I don’t think we’re pushing it, but regardless, you and I can agree that he’s a nutty radical.

  • were the union lable

    Wow this guy is a fool.

  • Don Davis

    So true…

    So I don’t think we’re pushing it, but regardless, you and I can agree that he’s a nutty radical.

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