Stuff from Around Arkansas, Jan. 29

Smoke Alarm: As previously reported by The Tolbert Report, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey will be in Arkansas on Tuesday to single-handedly fight back Gov. Mike Beebe’s cigarette tax hike. But he didn’t count on having to face down his mightiest adversary: Anti-smoking zealot Doc Hawkins, PhD! The battle is joined. (Doug Thompson’s blog)

Crosshairs: Uh oh, lefty agitators at are putting the squeeze on Sen. Mark Pryor on health insurance vote. (K. Ryan James blog)

Ice-capades: How bad were the ice storms in northwest Arkansas? Freeman Hunt has the photographic record for posterity. (Freeman Hunt blog)

Session Beat: John Brummett hates annual sessions for the legislature, despite the fact that twice as much legislative activity would probably be great for his declining print media industry. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Out of Site: Is it just me or has the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s northwest edition website—which we all have been using as a back door to get at their content since they keep it all locked down in their terrible headquarters sitebeen out of commission for days now? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) UPDATE: As of Friday morning, it’s back up at last.

Over: Apparently, House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills was at the AC/DC show in North Little Rock last night, which means that whatever residual coolness you might have thought AC/DC possessed is now officially and completely over. Just let it go, man. (Arkansas Times)

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4 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, Jan. 29

  • January 29, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Sir David, you refer to Una-Butthead Dr. Dan Hawkins, PhD as an Anti-Smoking Zealot. I concur.

    However, I was curious to know what Una-Butthead Dr. Dan Hawkins PhD thought his real job might be. Therefore, I searched some of the campaign contributions data bases and found that when he gave money in February of last year to the group, he was a self-employed scientist. When he gave money in June to the Obama campaign, he was again a self-employed scientist. However, in October, his star was on the rise and he informed the Obama campaign he was now a self-employed Public Health Advocate.

    Now then, since appointment to a commission or board is often as not tied directly to either the personal friendship between the appointee and appointer, or level of contributions the appointee has made to the appointer, I think I shall make a few campaign contribution check-ups of Dr. Dan Hawkins, PhD and self-employed Public Health Advocate, for Arkansas-based campaigns.

  • January 29, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Splendid work there, Cameron — please proceed and report your findings. As far as that goes, I have reason to believe we’ve not heard the last of Doc Hawkins, PhD.

  • January 29, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    OK, I know you have been breathlessly awaiting this information. Dr. Dan, the Una-Butthead, did indeed make two contributions to political campaigns here in Arkansas, both in 2006 and both to the gubernatorial campaign of none other than our current Governor and father of the ARGOCOGLOWARM. Apparently, the going price for a self-proclaimed Public Health Advocate & Advisor to be appointed to the ARTOPREVCESSADCO is about $1,250 in contributions.

    After reading this crackpot’s lastest manifesto, I doubt any level of contributions will make the mistake of appointing him to anything any easier to accept.

    I wonder if the Una-Butthead realizes yet that his own benefactor, currently sitting as Governor, is one of the very legislators who in years past voted on issues related to tobacco – voted wrongly according to the good doctor…

    According to the good doctor’s manifesto, Governor Beebe was once-upon-a-time, a legislator who “historically caved in to constituents,” who “unwittingly, “let the inmates run the asylum,”” and who should be held “legally accountable (both civilly & criminally) for pro-tobacco (pro-death for profit) votes injurious to the public health.”

    Ah, the dog bites the hand that feeds it once again.

  • January 30, 2009 at 8:22 am

    Dick Army is a Jack Booted Thug!


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