Stuff From Around Arkansas, August 25

Advantage Lincoln?: CQ looks at 2010 Senate race in Arkansas and rates it “Democrat Favored.” (Congressional Quarterly)

Primary Colors: Columnist John Brummett puzzles out state Sen. Bob Johnson’s possible motivations in considering a primary challenge to Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Bernie Notice: Wanna know more about Bernie Skoch, who’s challenging GOP Rep. John Boozman in a primary? Then quit hassling me and go read this profile. (Morning News of NWA)

Health of a Nation: Fans of Rep. Dan Greenberg—those people exist, right? Somewhere?—will want to catch this video from a Benton health care reform town hall hosted by the state GOP on Saturday. Also includes appearances from Rep. Ed Garner, Rep. Ann Clemmer and state GOP chief Doyle Webb. If you watch only one online video today, make it this one! (KTHV)

Keeping One’s Counsel: No one from the Arkansas lottery has bothered to call the state’s only certified gambling addiction counselor. He’s so lonely! Just like your mom. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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