More Fun With Polls!

The Public Policy Polling results for Arkansas that we teased yesterday are out, and they continue to show that support for health care reform in Arkansas is dicey.

PPP, a Democratic firm, finds that 60 percent of Arkansas voters are opposed to Obamacare, and notes that even among white Democrats, support for health care reform doesn’t hit majority numbers. (Some people are pointing out that the poll asks about “Obama’s plan,” when Obama doesn’t technically have “a plan”—all the proposals have been generated by Congress, not the White House—but that strikes me as an exercise in hair-splitting.)

As always, it’s best not to get too hung up on the results of any one poll, but the overall trend on the health care numbers we’re seeing in recent weeks suggests that Democrats have done a poor job of selling the supposed benefits of the various reform proposals. Cue a rash of commentary from liberal bloggers and columnists complaining about “misinformation” stemming from Republicans and how this all means that the U.S. is having “a nervous breakdown.” And quick, someone tell Blake Rutherford to hammer out another post about how this is all a function of abiding racism!

The PPP poll includes some other results that strike me as weird and pointless, like the question of whether Arkansans prefer Obama’s vision for America or Rush Limbaugh’s. What the hell does that question even mean? On what planet is that relevant? (They preferred Rush, by the way. Great. Who cares?)

Stay tuned for more out of PPP, who say they’ve got more results coming tomorrow on the 2010 Senate race: The Senate numbers we’re releasing tomorrow in Arkansas will show Blanche Lincoln trailing a couple of her potential GOP opponents by amounts well within the margin of error.

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5 thoughts on “More Fun With Polls!

  • The real story that you will see in this poll is the growing number of independents. Only one independent in this race as far as I know – Trevor Drown.

  • R Bryan Benafield Jr

    You forgot the other two planks of the Rutherford described Obama Healthcare Derangement Syndrome: irrational devotion to guns and frank stupidity.

  • Well, The Teams have spoken.

    You want to see real independence? Click my name to see the man Trevor Drown wishes he could be.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    It looks ike this race is Tom Cotton’s to lose.

  • Fourche River Rex

    I was hoping this would turn into another Trevor Drown vs. Tom Cotton thread.


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