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A few things that catch the eye:

Singleton and Snyder: Now with 300% more children!
Singleton and Snyder: Now with 300% more children!

Snyder Baby Boom: Congratulations to Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder and wife Rev. Betsy Singleton. The hyperfertile couple welcomed triplets to the family fold today, dubbing the threesome Aubrey, Wyatt and Sullivan, names that will guarantee that the boys will be mercilessly mocked all the way from kindergarten through 12th grade.(Arkansas Times)

Orientation Day: New Arkansas lawmakers attend the first days of their freshman orientation, but the question on everyone’s mind: Who will hook up with whom at the first big Capitol mixer? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Thick as Thieves: A Baxter County man is jailed after he strolled barefoot into a gas station women’s room, pulled out a ceiling tile and attempted to hide in the ceiling so that he could rob the joint later. An employee found the ceiling tile on the bathroom floor along with the crook’s footprints on the toilet seat and called police, who coaxed him down despite his initial refusal to leave. It just goes to show you how tough it is to plan the perfect crime. (AP)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas

  • AKA Bryce

    I never have understood why a Congressman would marry a woman who works weekends.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Are the Singleton/Snyders trying to catch up with the Duggars? They are a fifth of the way there. (And, by the way, I’m on my way to buy a fifth. Ironic. Just Ironic.)
    Can we imagine the galactic showdown between the fundamentalist Duggar Clan and the secular Snyder Clan?
    In the future, the children will read of this clash of titans;
    “And low, the anger of the House of Duggar ran deep and burned. And the House of Singleton/Snyder offered to ‘hug it out’ as that’s what Jesus, Buddha and the other dieties would like them to do. But the Duggars would have none of it for fear of the smell of patchouli and hemp and thus the challenge was proffered, to meet upon the plains ouside of Ft. Smith for to do battle. The challenge was thusly rejected by the House of Singleton/Snyder as the distance was great and would require much burning of fossil fuels and a great carbon footprint. Thus the House of Duggar did then challenge them to meet for battle upon a hillock outside of Blackwell, in the Shire of Conway. And the two houses did meet and engaged in glorious battle. Many were slain and some maimed. The Lady Singleton was routed in a memory verse contest by the youngest Duggar and thus the Lord of Snyder was wrought with grief and didst bite his thumb at the Lord of Duggar, whereupon the Lord of Duggar did slay him with his longsword and placed his head upon a pike for all to see. And the Lord of Duggar marched at the head of his army with the slain Lord’s head, through the Shire’s of Logan, Hempsted, and the other counties, until his victory was known throughout the realm. And it came to pass that upon the death of Lord Duggar, the high Governor of Beebe did call forth the clans from the several counties to choose such a one to take his place in the service to HRM Obama the first. And a successor was choosen thereupon the call.”


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