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Fight Night: Fisher vs. Brummett New Media Debate (Updated!)

Fisher vs. Brummett: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fisher vs. Brummett: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Don’t forget: The old media vs. new media debate between newspaperman John Brummett and KATV “Choose Your News” instigator Kristin Fishercovered on this blog last week to the point of absurdity—comes to a head tonight as the two combatants hash it out in a public forum.

First, catch Brummett as a guest on Fisher’s Daily Debrief webcast at 6:15 p.m. (Go here to watch and to e-mail questions.) Then they’ll head to the Arkansas Press Association (411 S. Victory St. in Little Rock) at 7 p.m. for a special debate hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists. Fun times.

Update: Fisher notes that the debate itself will also be live streamed at the KATV “Choose Your News” page, so you can watch it there if you’re unable to attend or if you’re one of those lonely misfits Brummett’s always writing about. Also, she’s soliciting questions for Brummett, so send ’em to her at the e-mail address on the same page.

And Lance Turner takes a stab at laying out some ground rules for tonight’s debate. I was hoping for more of a “Thunderdome” approach, but this will work, too. Jason Tolbert at The Tolbert Report adds to the mix, declaring this an important event in Arkansas media history, but I question that assessment, if only because I am unable to understand how anything that doesn’t directly involve me could possibly be considered “important.”

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6 thoughts on “Fight Night: Fisher vs. Brummett New Media Debate (Updated!)

  • I’m looking forward to the inevitable video that Tolbert will post at some point during the session when some legislator gives him $100 bucks, knocks that camera out of his hand, and stomps it…

  • David, where on earth did you find that graphic? It looks like something from the “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” children’s books that I read 30 years ago or a particularly badly drawn issue of EC Comics.

  • David Kinkade

    Keen eye, Rep. Greenberg. I’m pretty sure that it is a “Tom Corbett” illustration.

  • Blake Rutherford

    I thought Rutherford and Kinkade on Talk Business was the second most important event in media history behind my appearance on the Daily Debrief. Damn you, Tolbert.


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