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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 11

Quick hits from all over:

Labor Pains: Arkansas contractors like the looks of an almost certainly terrible multi-billion dollar stimulus package that will boost infrastructure construction, but still don’t like unions. Also, they’re asking if they can receive payment not by U.S. Treasury check, but by a big bag of cash with a dollar sign printed on the side. (Arkansas News Bureau)

The Unbearable Lightness of Beebe, Yet Again: This will shock you, but Gov. Mike Beebe just doesn’t know what to think about these annual sessions for the legislature. I’m surprised he’s able to get out of bed in the morning, being so constantly paralyzed by indecision. (AP)

Debate Squad
Debate Squad

Huck and Stewart Marriage Debate: Much attention in recent days to video of Mike Huckabee and Jon Stewart debating gay marriage on “The Daily Show.” There are at least four nouns in that last sentence that bore me to death. Guess which ones. Max Brantley’s got the goods. (Arkansas Times)

Will They Revoke His Library Card?: A Fayetteville man is jailed for allegedly looking at child pornography on a computer at the public library. So apparently it turns out you’re not supposed to do that. (Morning News of NWA)

He’s Got Issues!: Blogging Baxter Co. Republican Bill Smith wants to know why there’s no focus on issues in the coming race for GOP chair. That sounds awful ambitious to me, but then I’m usually impressed when the state GOP remembers to pay the light bill in any given month, so I may not be the guy to ask. (ARRA News Service)

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7 thoughts on “Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 11

  • Shane

    I have to say I am so tired of this gay marriage debate. Our constitution says “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!”

    There is no asterisk that says “only hetrosexuals are created equal.”

    I myself don’t believe in gay marriage so I married a woman. If you don’t believe in gay marriage then don’t marry somone of the same sex.

    It’s not any of our business or the government business if two adults want to get married.

    The government needs to stay out of our lives!

  • Brett

    It really bothers me when people relate this to an equal rights issue. Since the Constitution was quoted lets use what it says and see if gays and hetrosexuals have different rights. According to the Constitution we are all created equal we all share the same rights regardless of race, sex, etc.

    Please list me one thing that a straight man can legally do that a gay man legally cannot. Use specifics.

    A straight man can marry a woman, but cannot marry a man if for some odd reason he wanted to marry his roommate to join his health insurance or something.

    Both gay and straight are viewed the exact same under the law. What the homosexual community wants is special privileges. I’m not opposed to many of the privileges they want, but I disagree with framing the argument as a civil rights and equal rights issue.

  • Shane

    A homosexual can’t marry another homosexual. Why? Show me in the constition where it says two man can’t marry.

    I am not talking about special privileges just basic rights giving to everyone under the constitution. I am not framing this around civil rights just the constitution.

    If a man and woman can marry under the constiution, then why can a man and a man have the same right.

    By the way, I am a stright man married to a woman.

    The government has no right to restrict same sex marriage. I believe the government should in no way be involved in marriage. The only reason they are is to make money. i.e. marriage licences.

    I am so tired of people using the constituion when it benefits their agruement. We do the samething with the bible.

  • Br549

    What is this constition and constituion of which you speak?

    RE:”Please list me one thing that a straight man can legally do that a gay man legally cannot. Use specifics.”

    A straight man whose partner/spouse/significant other/wife is on their deathbed has a right to be there with her and make decisions. The same is not true for a gay man whose partner/spouse/significant other is in a similar situation.

    Oh, and since everyone is clarifying who they prefer to see naked, well, I dig the chicks, dude.

    I was actually thinking to myself that we need another scantily clad woman related posting soon. Another rebel flag bikini or VS model type chick.

    Br549 out-

  • Shane

    Sorry for the typos….trying to work and post at the same time.

  • If homosexuals can marry, then a man (woman) should be able to marry his (her) of age son (daughter) since no chance of procreation exists, thereby avoiding gift and/or estate taxes. True love with a kink for liberals but not for libertarians.

  • Brett

    I don’t know at which Constitution you’re looking but mine says we’re all to be treated the same in the eyes of the law.

    I can’t marry a man, and neither can a gay man. I can’t marry my sister either but that doesn’t mean those people who want to marry their sister are being treated differently under the Constitution. On the contrary we’re being treated exactly the same. So how is it any different with homosexuals? Oh…that’s right…it is just more socially acceptable so we make the Constitution say what we want in that case.


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