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Exclusive Sneak Preview: New Site!

Attention Arkansas Media Watchers: Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett has been dropping teasers for weeks that the Stephens Media-owned bureau will soon be launching a revamped website to replace their current offering, which, though serviceable, is pretty staid and stale and only updates once a day.

Well, now, what would you say if I told you that, for a probably limited time, The Arkansas Project can provide you a glimpse of the new site? Click here for the preview. I say “limited time” because I’m pretty sure they’re going to shut down access to this link soon, so take a look while you can if you can’t wait for the virtual ribbon cutting. (Update: OK, as of 9 p.m., it appears that they’ve locked us out of that link, so you’ll just have to make do with the screenshots below.)

The highlights:

A snappy new logo and tagline (“Your source for everything Arkansas”)!

Improved navigation!

Built on the WordPress platform, just like The Arkansas Project!

Links to blogs and other Stephens publications!

More: Images! Reader comments! Video! Reader polls! RSS feeds! Social bookmarking tools!

And once that link’s gone, you can at least get a feel for it by reviewing these screenshots of the homepage that I captured (click images for larger versions):

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive Sneak Preview: New Site!

  • nemo

    Speaking of websites, ,check it out the new Little Rock Zoo site. Pretty cool. Done by a Memphis firm.

  • simba

    Way to send our money out of state Little Rock Zoo. You’ve seen the last donation from us.

  • David Kinkade

    Wow, Simba. How are you able to read this way back there in the 19th century?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Ehhhh…I used to get upset about sending money out of state and then I realized that 99.9% of the things sold at Wal Mart * were made in China. So I got over all that. Then I went through a period where I refused to buy anything or donate to anything that kept my money in state. But that was even more difficult than keeping my money in state, mainly because my bookie lives in Malvern. Now I only refuse to send my money to anything made in Butts County, Georgia. I need something to protest and as far as I know, there is nothing made there and I find the name quite offensive. It makes me feel almost as good to boycott them as I felt when the Baptist told me to avoid Disney because the Little Mermaid swam around giant underwater phalluses and Bambi was gay or something.

  • Not a fan, it’s hard to navigate and I prefer the simplicy of the old site.

  • “Arkansas News: Your source for everything Arkansas”
    Sounds kind of redundant to me. Or maybe it’s just superfluous. Definitely a tad bit exuberant and smacking of copious amounts of the word “Arkansas.”

    Oh yeah, while I’m here, anybody got another word for “thesaurus?”

  • Pete

    Hope this is better than their current site. It’s boring, slow and irrelevant for the most part. Come to think of it, most of Stephens Media sites are the same. Times Record is one of the worst around followed closely by the Sentinel Record. You listening Dennis?

  • David Kinkade

    The Hot Springs Sentinel Record is owned by Walter Hussman’s WEHCO Media, or a subsidiary thereof—not Stephens Media. But your larger point stands.


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