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POLL: Pryor Approval At 34%, Cotton And Asa! Lead

Arkansas_Presidential_Election_Results_2008The University of Arkansas has released their 15th annual Arkansas Poll. The results spell bad news for our friend Senator Mark Pryor.
In the poll, Pryor gains the approval of only 34% of “very likely voters.” For some perspective: the year before her re-election bid, former Senator Blanche Lincoln fared nearly a full ten points better than Pryor. As you probably remember, she went on to be blown out by now-Senator John Boozman.
Other interesting results from the poll:

  • In a head-to-head matchup, Rep. Tom Cotton leads Sen. Pryor by 1 point (37%-36%)
  • In a head-to-head matchup former Rep. Asa Hutchinson leads former Rep. Mike Ross by 4 points (35%-31%)
  • Only 63% agreed that Arkansas is headed in the right direction, down ten points from last year’s Arkansas Poll (Thank you, ‘private option’!)
  • 39% of likely voters blame Obama and Democrats for the recent government slimdown (only 27% blamed the GOP)
  • 79% of likely voters said they were not affected by the government slimdown
  • Self-identified Independents are up 4% from last year, nearly matching a 5% decrease in self-identified Republicans
  • 51% of the identified Independents said they “lean Republican”

Also of note: the poll over-sampled Democrats (31%) and Independents (36%), as well as women (60%), which makes it all the more interesting that Republican candidates are leading, Senator Pryor is slipping, and respondents were unhappy with Democrats over the slimdown. (Don’t these people know about the War On Women?!)
You can read the full results of the Arkansas Poll here.

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