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Let Us Rejoice, For the American Jobs Act is Here!

Remember last week when President Obama made a big jobs speech, detailing how he was going to, uh, make jobs happen? I don’t either!

But it must have happened, because here’s a White House list of all the remarkable and amazing ways (opens as PDF) in which the “American Jobs Act” will build a brighter future for you and your loved ones right here in Arkansas.

What’s in there? I’ll tell you what’s in there: More money for teachers! Money for highways and stuff! Extended unemployment benefits! Other things!

Or, to put it another way, more of the same economic stimulus stuff that did not work previously. Dear god, our elected officials, all of them, why must they always be “doing” things? Please, just stop “doing things.” We understand, you want to help, but it is not helping.

Here are some particulars for the Natural State:

  • “at least” $370.5 million for “highway transit and modernization projects”
  • $278.3 million for teachers, police and firefighters
  • $270.7 million to “modernize” school facilities
  • $20 milllion to “revitalize and refurbish local communities”
  • $42.4 million for community colleges

More: Payroll tax cut, unnamed “sweeping reforms” to the unemployment insurance system, more extensions to unemployment payments. We may now declare unemployment solved. Next!

Go read the full document: American Jobs Act: Impact for Arkansas, Yeah, That’s Right, We’re Gonna Impact You Good and Hard and You Are Going to Like It

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