Huckabee: Gloves Off on Obama’s Drug Use

Ooooh, I do love the last few weeks of a political campaign when things start to get spicy. A Missouri blogger interviews Gov. Mike Huckabee, who throws some tough punches at Barack Obama about his associations with ’60s mad bomber Bill Ayers and Obama’s admitted past drug use:

“If a person doesn’t have better judgment than to sit down with a person (Bill Ayers) who oughta be in prison for life, instead of getting taxpayer money to teach in a university, I wonder about him…I really do…

“Guys in the media have spent more time trying to go through the background of Joe the Plumber, who’s an ordinary citizen who asked a question, than they have about Barack Obama’s past. Can you tell me anybody that’s sorted out who it was that supplied Barack Obama the drugs that he claimed in his own book to have taken?…

“If Joe the Plumber’s back taxes are relevant…then everything is relevant.”

I’d give you the video, but it’s weird and for some reason I can’t figure out how to embed it in this blog, so you’ll have to go over here to watch.

Huckabee interviewed Joe the Plumber on his FOX News show last weekend—go here for the video.

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