Hey, Don’t Forget These Guys

I’m promoting this from a reader comment in an earlier post, because it’s a good reminder: While much of the opposition to the Arkansas lottery proposal that voters will weigh in November comes from conservative activist groups, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has also mounted a spirited and intelligent critique of the lottery, focusing on the adverse effects the lottery would have on low-income Arkansans.

AACF is a non-partisan advocacy organization (our commenter tags them as “moderate to liberal” in orientation, which I’d say is a fair enough description), and they’ve laid out a brief against the lottery here.

This isn’t anything new; just a reminder that the opposition to the lottery is bigger and more variegated than just the church crowd and the Arkansas Family Council, and it cuts across ideological or partisan lines. That’s easy to forget in the midst of a heated and divisive election season.

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