Got Your ‘Shovel-Ready’ Right Here

An Arkansas Project reader sends along a link to this Stimulus Watch site that breaks down by state how the mega-billion (i.e., some incomprehensibly big number that I can’t be bothered to look up) economic stimulus package will be divvied up amongst the states.

Don’t really care about projects in Wyoming? Then just click over here and look at what’s going down in Arkansas. You can even vote to rank how “critical” you think a project is based upon it’s, uh, criticality!

My vote for “Most Intriguing Project” would certainly have to go to the $83,700 for “Taser Purchase” in Fayetteville. Hooray, Tasering jobs for everyone! What’s your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Got Your ‘Shovel-Ready’ Right Here

  • I thought Beebe said the stimulus would be good for the Delta. I don’t see any city on the list that is east of Pine Bluff. No Jonesboro, Blytheville, Forrest City, West Memphis, Helena-West Helena, Lake Village.

    As I explain to my neighbors, if you always vote Democrat, the Democrats will never do anything for you. They only do for people who need to be bought.

  • Not to let facts get in the way of supporting Rush and his wish that America’s recovery fail, but stimuluswatch.org isn’t exactly what you represent. This is basically a wish list from mayors that were presented to the US Conference of Mayors or something last year….

    Remember when there was the discrepancy on whether or not the AR share was $4 Bilion or $6 Billion or something? This says it merely $1,059,150,740–not even close to the money we are gonna get.

    oh. Does anyone have one of those really cool black “W. The President” stickers? Man, I need one of those.

    On another note, I really wonder Ashley–what does that say about Democrats that they are giving the most Republican district in the state the most money?

    just wondering.

  • AKA Bryce

    A water park in a community were the population is 92% black and over 80% of them can’t swim.

    O.K….that’s my favorite.


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