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GOP Lawmakers Push for Lower Reimbursements

Fuel gaugeA few Arkansas Republican legislators are kicking off the new fiscal year right by declining a planned increase in mileage reimbursements. With the start of the new state fiscal year on July 1, lawmaker reimbursements are set to increase from 51 cents per mile to 55.5 cents per mile, the new federal standard rate as dictated by the IRS.

Other state employees are reimbursed at a lower rate of 42 cents per mile, as set by the Dept. of Finance and Administration. Some lawmakers have noted the disparity and are asking that the slated increase for legislators be rolled back to the 51 cent rate.

Rep. Nate Bell from Mena says he intends to refuse the increase, and he’s encouraging other legislators to decline the boost, as well. Minority Leader John Burris is behind the effort, and he sent the following e-mail to Speaker of the House Robert Moore:

Mr. Speaker,

First, let me say that I appreciate your leadership on leading the discussion on highway financing. While we have disagreed on some of the proposed policy changes, your willingness to lead the discussion has been essential.

Regarding our legislative reimbursement for mileage, we all recently received notification that our reimbursement rate will increase from the current $.51 per mile to $.55 per mile effective July 1, 2011. All other state employees are reimbursed at $.42 per mile. The cost to a Legislator to travel a mile is not greater than the cost to a state employee. I believe we should not be receiving increases in reimbursements when necessary programs and services struggle to find much needed funds.

I believe this is a good opportunity for the House to lead by example.

Several members of the Republican Caucus have contacted me stating their opposition to this increase. Because of this, I will be sending notification of my decision to refuse the increase to House staff next week.

Thank you,

Burris says he’s heard from various members of the caucus who support the rollback: “Nobody has said they disagree so far,” he says. “We’re in the process of working with the speaker to see if there’s a way to work it out.”

Of course, if that doesn’t work they could also just fill in fewer miles on their expense reports.

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One thought on “GOP Lawmakers Push for Lower Reimbursements

  • Sentido Conservador

    What a magnanimous bunch of brave souls. They are going to “roll-back” to the $0.51 rate? Why not do the right thing and either 1) only accept what rates they provide to all the rest of state government or 2) raise state government rates up to the IRS level? I recognize the cost of raising the rates would be difficult with our budgets. However, with the recent surplus, not as difficult as one would imagine. At the same time, why is it a legislator feels himself or herself so important as to deserve the higher rate. Just another example of why folks don’t care for government. Apparently a legislator is sufficiently important that his or her travel costs more than a regular state employee? What could the possible justification for this be.

    Spare me Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Self-Serving State Legislator with your altruistic “roll-back” of reimbursements. If you are so important as to need the additional nine cents more than lowly state employees to begin with, you obviously are in dire need of the additional pennies of the new rate as well.

    What a bunch of losers – Dems and Repubs – what a bunch of two-faced losers.


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